Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she’s not changing parties

After the president signed his infrastructure bill, "The View" co-hosts react to Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema defending her negotiating style and saying she has no interest in switching parties.
6:50 | 11/17/21

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Transcript for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she’s not changing parties
you too. Days after president Biden signed his historic infrastructure deal, democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema gave a rare interview defending her tough negotiating style during this process, claiming that both sides were guilty of making promises they couldn't keep, she also says she has no interest in switching parties, so, is she just been misunderstood, or is she just trying to, like, I don't know, join into the victory lap? She bothers me a little bit, I have to say. Just a little bit? She's never available. She thinks she's at the Cannes film festival and the Paparazzi is chasing her. People in Arizona are paying you to communicate with them. You know, she thinks that she's above it or something or she doesn't have to, no, I don't have to. Yes, you have to, miss. I always expect when you see a headline. Her obstructing justice, I always like to look a little deeper to see if there's more there, I didn't find a lot, but that was a joke, I'm sorry, I did hear, we only see what we see out in media headlines, I don't know her, we haven't worked with her, I was a little bit more hopeful when senator Warren described her as consistent. In dealing with her colleagues she's not the enigma that the punditry want to make her out to What does that mean? The way she's being portrayed is not the way she is as a colleague. We've seen her on tape. Debating, working with her is not being as presented as she's saying that she's doing what's right for Arizona, if she were going back home and doing townhalls, okay, good, you're speaking to your people, you cuss hcan't just trust me, I got it there's no transparency there. I don't know, I actually, you know, we've interviewed one time and she was very evasive. We didn't get a lot of information from her, but what I did find promising here is that she was supportive of the build back better plan that's going to be voted on in the senate and that gave me -- Is she? That's what she said, she slews the bill's climate provisions as the most important under decision. She indicated, she didn't say that she would explicitly back it, it sounded promising that she general supports adding paid leave to the social spending bill. I don't know how she's figuring out how to pay for it. But there was some support there. I think Americans overwhelming support that bill. We're talking about universal pre-k for kids. It's so expensive to put your kids in pre-k. That's the foundation of their education. We're also talking about eldercare and home care funding. Expanding medicare, school lunches, affordable housing and climate change, these are the things for me as a mom, as a woman that are super important those are the things that have nothing to do with necessarily infrastructure as we perceive it but really important to the infrastructure to this country. You know, I wish she had said that weeks ago, months ago, I wish she would have stood in front of the cameras and said, I'm for this, I'm fighting for these things, so I don't have any -- I have no -- I don't know her, but if you don't tell me what you're trying to do and I see you obstructing what's trying to get done, I don't have much faith in you and so, you know, I'm not in Arizona, you know, I'll wait to see if she does all those things. I don't want to get into another situation where Joe Manchin says, well, I don't know. I'm sorry, I don't think it's a bad idea to, you know, tax some of the big corporations and the billionaires, they're here, too, I got to pay tax, you got to pay tax, they got to pay something. The conservative side, I think, that it stifles creativity and excellence, I don't think with the small market -- What does? When you start taxing corporations it drives them to other countries for competition. You know what, you can't people to go to work now, so the fear they should be in now, what are we going to do if people don't come back. The amount they taxing these corporations, the smallest amount would -- when people say they don't want to tax them because it could potentially kind of have an economical effect I don't quite understand that. The division between haves and have-notes gets big every year. Things like pandemic, streamline it to opposite sides. Wall Street guys are going to make the biggest bonuses that have in years. Things are tough. People are trying to feed their kids. We just discovered, you know, that people are on a spending spree, so the economic look for the future does not seem to be as dire as all of the headlines are saying, because, you know, people are spending. They don't even care if they can get to the support chain, whatever that thing is. The supply chain. Support chain is what I'm wearing. I'm not sure of what to really believe. I'm not sure what to believe. I think what Kyrsten Sinema won't support taxes that will have a negative -- Republicans still believe in this tickle-down economics. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. Don't tax the corporations and if the corporations make a hot of money they'll give it to their workers. They put it into their pockets. She's also against getting rid of the fill buster. We'll see if she is who she says she is now. We'll know soon enough. We'll know. You know what you'll know, we're going to go and come right

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"After the president signed his infrastructure bill, \"The View\" co-hosts react to Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema defending her negotiating style and saying she has no interest in switching parties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"81233440","title":"Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she’s not changing parties","url":"/theview/video/sen-kyrsten-sinema-shes-changing-parties-81233440"}