Thursday is Latina Equal Pay Day

President and Founder of Justice for Migrant Women, Monica Ramirez, discusses the movement working to close the pay gap for Latin women.
3:52 | 10/21/21

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Transcript for Thursday is Latina Equal Pay Day
Well it's like T not. Equal pay day and we're cashing in on a reality check right now according to the national women's law center Latino women. Make 5757. Cents to every dollar that a white man makes soap. What's really mean and why hasn't that pay gap for Latinos moved to much for so many decades monetary Maris president. And founder of justice per migrant women joining us now to talk about the movement working toward. A more profitable future for our hard working women Monica thanks so much for being here this morning. Thanks yeah. Let's start with your hot bed let Tina this week where you mentioned. How are even though the pay gap has increased to census last year it doesn't really tell the whole story so. Break it down what what did this increase really mean Monica. Think you yet you know I think. When people look at that number they say wow we've we've made a little bit of parent but the truth is that what that 57 cents represents. The two cent increase from picky five cents to 57 cents. That really accounts for the fact that more than one million Latina as. Or pushed out of the workforce during this pandemic. Many of those Latino state unemployed. For more than six months and during a time when the data was being calculated. To press to better understand what the wage gap was in 20/20. Those women workers were not even count pitch so that is the reality where this particular data. I'm but I think it's important for us to understand that the pay data collection. Methods overlook many women. All of the time not just during this pandemic and there are. Individuals who are working part time or working in the gay economy. You know that many domestic workers are impacted because a lack of collection of their dean act. Immigrant women in undocumented women so many individuals the trans. Let the mess across the country trans community members they're data is and being collected until we don't have a full reflection. Of what the true. Jake act is what we know is dismal. But we don't have a complete picture and during this pandemic we know that things didn't get better put up the mess they got worse. I'm and well here's a thing we do you know companies can do more tit to level the playing field so if you're able to sit before. Various CEOs what would you say. Could be done and something it very quickly for Latina woman. Well first of in this pandemic as I think that's our figuring out how they're going to get back to work. We need employers to implement policies that are going to provide paid you'll each. And I know some players who wants not required by law. That's something that needs to change politically but employers can change their policies on their own to ensure that people have the support they need to be able to care for their children and do their work. Is las other their own for their own health care and other people and their families who've gotten sick during this pandemic and going forward. We need to make sure that says as Latino workers and others are going back to work that they are being put in positions that are the equivalent if not better in the positions that they had before. And -- employers should do their own audit to make a determination as to how they are doing are they paying barely across the board. Because we need you making sure that we're checking ourselves general require government intervention or government mandate employers have the power now. To be good employers and their employers and that's or asking for. Well. With the power of your movement I know you're gonna continue to make change and by the way. Loved the arts hanging out behind two beautiful I bet you there's this story behind every piece Monica right. Caring and have another conversation. Yes they're definitely a right behind this art. I gave gave next you gotta deal monetary mare's thank you so much appreciate you are right thank you take care.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"President and Founder of Justice for Migrant Women, Monica Ramirez, discusses the movement working to close the pay gap for Latin women. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"80707499","title":"Thursday is Latina Equal Pay Day ","url":"/US/video/thursday-latina-equal-pay-day-80707499"}