The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 26, 2022

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:01 | 05/27/22

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 26, 2022
[MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE REPORTER: As families in the Uvalde community continue to grieve, new questions about the police response and how the suspect made it into the school unobstructed. Law enforcement now going frame by frame of this video showing the suspect entering the school, piecing together the details of the response as part of their investigation. One witness telling ABC's Matt Gutman what he saw as police arrived at the scene. - Some of them just stood there and I said, well, why aren't they going in? FEMALE REPORTER: Authorities say the gunman was inside Robb Elementary for 40 minutes before he was killed by a border patrol SWAT team member. 19 children and two teachers were dead. One father says law enforcement didn't act quickly enough to save his 10-year-old daughter's life. - They said they rushed in and they're, like, and all that, and like, we didn't see that. - Our officers, when they engaged, they were doing everything they could. And our agents acted swiftly and very heroically. MALE REPORTER: The holiday travel rush. AAA estimates 34.9 million people will travel by car for the Memorial Day weekend holiday. That's 8.3% more than last year, despite gas prices at record levels. The national average now $4.60 a gallon. In airports, the TSA expects to screen more than two million passengers a day through the holiday. Delta reporting 25% more fliers than this time last year. MALE REPORTER: The CDC is confirming nine cases of monkeypox have now been identified in the United States. The cases were found in seven states, including California, Florida, and that includes a probable case in New York City. Now, the newest case involves a woman in Northern Virginia who recently traveled to an African country where the virus is known to exist. But some of the other infected people have not been abroad, pointing to some community spread. Officials say they wouldn't be surprised by more reported cases in the coming days. FEMALE REPORTER: Prosecutors have charged actor Kevin Spacey with four counts of sexual assault against three men. MALE REPORTER: The alleged incidents took place in London between March 2005 and August 2008 and in Western England in April 2013. The head of the Crown Prosecution Services Special Crime Division says the charges follow a review of evidence gathered by London's Metropolitan Police. 62-year-old Spacey was questioned by British police three years ago on claims made by several men that he had assaulted them. FEMALE REPORTER: The world seeing Bruce Willis for the first time since his family announced he would be stepping away from acting. Willis playing basketball in this rare video posted by his wife Emma Heming Willis and writing "I see you, B-dub." - Come out to the car, we'll get together, have a few laughs. FEMALE REPORTER: On March 30, the action superstar's five daughters, wife, and ex-wife, Demi Moore, announcing the 67-year-old was "diagnosed with aphasia," which impacts the ability to communicate. Patients can lose some ability to speak or to understand or both. After the announcement, Willis' fans and fellow actors all rallying around the superstar sending support. And his family offering glimpses of him in photos, like this one posted just six weeks ago. But now, fans getting a glimpse of him in action, seaming in good spirits as he catches a pass and shoots a basket. MALE REPORTER: Police say the victim's ordeal ended here at the PNC Bank on South Main Street in Carbondale. It began roughly 24 hours earlier when authorities say Wilson Medina-Garcia locked the woman in a bedroom, destroyed her phone, and threatened to kill her and her children. Next, the woman and her alleged captor went to the bank where she requested a Help Loan. Bank employees recognized that she was the one who needed help and they pulled the alarm normally used in the event of a holdup. Carbondale Police arrived and Medina-Garcia was arrested at the scene.

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