Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The award-winning documentary “And So I Stayed” follows three survivors of domestic violence who were incarcerated for fighting back against their abusers.
8:07 | 10/21/21

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Transcript for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
You know took directors are shining a light on survivors of abuse. And so I stayed is an award winning documentary about three survivors who strikingly. Have similar stories and we're separated. By thirty years they all point to how no one believed their stories about their abuse and each ended up. Behind bars together to fight back here's a clip. Then we off and police reports hospital records witness statements and pictures of the violations. Again stakes unique keys heavy user rates hurt in an. Bloated it to a porn site. What more evidence do you need. Why did it. Or records matter mighty yankees hospital records matter ready tenacious pass but it records matter why didn't. Police reports matter why didn't eat these police reports matter right into Indonesia's police reports matter. Why did in. My scars bruises and marks on the matter why didn't yankees matter why didn't say leash as a matter whiny. Does it matter that better. While powerful what matters to us because we're talking about it joining me now as we honor domestic violence awareness month. The film's directors Natalie the cello and Danielle. Daniel Nelson as well as formerly incarcerated survivor and advocate Kim brown thank you all so much for being here. Natalie what inspired you to make this film. Well it started out. My our experiences of being a survivor of domestic violence and also. In 2010 my me sister was killed. Irony her abuser and when I went to grand school. Columbia I knew that I wanted to record domestic violence and that was back and plunged to lure and every staying advisor whose murder and oh my personal stories. Alon Ben. Why don't you can't her story about survivors who are criminalized for writing. And it. In my mind it just like not Greek sense that we work bringing in survivors behind bars or other acts of survival whether it was some fans are being coerced to commit a crime by their user. You know survivors are the only it's a life or death situation really is so since then I I decided that I would continue to do. We're or and that's how are. I learned about can't. And her incredible work with New York's domestic violence are averaged just as I had also. Carmen attorney sent me. Allen's three. Two and dean and whose order actor only Ali can speak your team earn an obvious it's Jim's gone to speak about her experience at the half. You got it I'll guide the conversation Keon you know you were incarcerated for seventeen years for killing your abusive husband. Why what was it what was that you lacked what was it that you weren't getting who wasn't hearing U that that. That caused you or pushed you to the point where you felt like that was your only option. Well thank you for having me thank you for having asked this morning. Thumb. I think it's down lacked. A lack of in a trauma informed of her roots win. You bring your views Syria to the courtroom. I had are items. Com arrest warrants or parent now I had passed and records police reports battered women shelter reports. I had him arrested thanks to our hands. None of that seemed to matter at court and every time we went to court in RA was Lee. Upset hysterical woman candidate no one was really paying it to instill. And arm he lived in there is say Carl. Eight he doesn't want anything to do with me in this in his didn't get outside you do it right there grabbing me II it sat. I am I striking teeny hard saint Margaret's got. So it was. Oh lack of support from the system you you know I I went to the court. A file police reports I did everything I thought I was supposed to do to be shady and nothing no one. Can't he say. It's just it's it's heartbreaking. Is just hearing that in and fortunately we hear these types of stories far too often and Daniel. My guess is you are pretty surprised. To hear and many things about these survivors and within Kim's story and and others. Do you think this doc can make a difference DC this is finally kind of the angle the feel the emotion that characters. That can drive home why something has to be done to protect women like Kim. Yeah absolutely I. I seen one his first start of this sin and Natalie and showed me this the story which was originally Tim story number number master's thesis I was really blown away by how when she was. I've internalized. Her presenting herself against your producer Tom bush and now he's incredible writer and journalist story was incredible law and Kim is one of those people just sort of jumps off an age when you read and shower. And yeah I feel like documentary installment it is is a media unnecessary impact on soccer title meta issues like this and I just hope instead people walk away from this solemn understanding that it. Com. I think folks have a tendencies huge just trusts and the legal system is agreement racing. And in many cases does not see clearly where this current domestic violence drivers and so are people watched that this film and see that. Agreed and Natalie you know the New York Times covered. How your film actually played a role in Tunisia davis' case she's featured in the film which resulted in freedom. After a conviction what was that like for you and does it show you just the power of what your film making can do. It really does it really does show us the power. In story telling in. And survivors using her voice. We eat we honored part of the process worker Tunisia and her lawyers to put together videos. When her. It shouldn't he be sentenced under this new lot of that into our corporate and ears so. It will it's a date and I don't ever forget and you know they're still winning behind bargains like Tunisia there's an item on the hill who face in nineteen light sentence. You know the work is not Aaron affirmed a balance you know Barea collecting brass we lease the whole there. To free more survivors and whether exterior at its eating little you know the legal system. Screenings. You know. Just in the late really truly it's like these are people's lions eat any survivors. Hopes and green. Where are not a true crime story they should not in the back. And then there's a new should be explored. Learning about domestic violence. I hope better film and contribute. Well it already has and your helping women get their power back Kim Natalie Daniel thank you so much and Natalie. It's your strength is is it is so amazing appreciate called preview for what you're doing. Egypt and friends.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"The award-winning documentary “And So I Stayed” follows three survivors of domestic violence who were incarcerated for fighting back against their abusers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"80708711","title":"Domestic Violence Awareness Month ","url":"/US/video/domestic-violence-awareness-month-80708711"}