ABC NEWS LIVE: House to vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt Wednesday

Plus, new developments in the manhunt for Brian Laundrie and the Biden administration is rolling out a multi-intel agency report on climate change.
24:42 | 10/21/21

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Transcript for ABC NEWS LIVE: House to vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt Wednesday
I don't I'm sure Phillips thanks so much for serving with us here an ABC news live cruising toward kids Santa's house leaders decide Steve cannon's fate today. The former White House advisor facing a criminal contempt of congress vote. After refusing to cooperate in the probe of the January 6 capital right. If found liable fanning could face a fine and up to twelve months in jail. We'll bring that vote T alive. The FDA significantly expanding efforts to provide booster shot still vulnerable Americans. Tens of millions of recipients of Madieu as corona virus vaccines and Johnson and Johnson's single dose shot. Are now authorized to receive a looser as we still awaits an FDA decision on vaccines for children five to eleven. The my administration rolling out a multi Intel agency report on climate change addressing what many people consider. The single most critical threat to humanity faces today. New developments in the search for Brian laundry the only person of interest in the Gabby did Tito homicide case. Federal agents have found what are possibly human remains as a medical examiner tries to officially. Identified them. Friday thank you may have to toss out semi Europeans the CDC issuing a safety alert linking some fresh whole onions to a growing Salmonella outbreak. In 37 different states the affected red white and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua Mexico. Selling in grocery stores across the nation. We begin with the NFL reaching a deal to end the use of race storming in the NFL's concussion settlement program critics say the controversial system. Cost some black former players with head injuries millions of dollars today Norman has more on the story. The NFL reaching a deal with its former players eliminating the use of the controversial practice of recent warming. A tool used to evaluate cognitive damage that critics say disadvantaged. Black former player seeking compensation for head injury suffered on the field. This battle burner it is very personal. This is. On the aren't the only on the line we are has indeed there are honored the original settlement programs recommended formula. Assumed black players began their careers. At a lower cognitive level than white players meaning black players had to prove a more significant cognitive decline than white players in order to receive a payout. But after months of confidential negotiations order by a federal judge new terms were filed to the court under seal on Wednesday. ABC news obtained the 46 page document. And learned that the NFL and other parties agreed that no grease norms or raise demographic estimates whether black or white Shelby used in the settlement program going forward sources familiar with the agreement telling ABC news that the new deal could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional compensation for former players and their families one of those players is. Even Henry Poole ball doesn't give you an expiration date you just expire on other ten concussions or more apparent at least seventeen surgeries. Seventy. And our own pump steel didn't. The former Pittsburgh steeler defensive line and submitted a claim in 2017. After he was diagnosed with mild dementia. The settlement administrator denied his claims citing inappropriate norms used to measure his cognitive decline. I just want to be looked at the same way as a white guy. The NFL initially defended the program but earlier this year in the league changed course after an ABC news investigation. Uncovered emails between clinicians who evaluated former players for the program saying they felt pressured to apply race based adjustments to players' cognitive test scores and believed those adjustments discriminated against black players. Overnight the NFL issuing a statement reading. We look forward to the court's prompt approval of the agreement. Which provides for our race neutral on valuation process that will ensure diagnostic accuracy and fairness and the concussion settlement. The agreement will silly to be reviewed by a judge and is also expected to undergo a public hearing before its final approval. But the lawyer afford the players in the settlement saying. These changes accomplish what we promised you. To eliminate the consideration of race and all the settlements diagnostic testing. And provide black former players retesting or re scoring of claims here. Today Norman thank you so much for context there now for more. I'm joined by a lacy and Louis Leonard who actually saw and that report the Leonard's have been very outspoken. On this issue for some time now especially after Lewis filed a claim with and a fell. Only to have it reversed Lacey Leonard is founder and president of tackle health. And Lewis. Is of course the former NFL player for sixteens over five seasons as a defensive tackle thank you both for being with me today. Get morning being. How B been feeling because I know you have been very open talking about. Dealing with normally look memory loss a lot of anger depression and tell us just how you've been feeling in moving forward. Does that say our own in don't seem that my. Issues are is an. You the last two months he's been an. The hearts that I had this year. Let your little. Mohammed Kiichi going and I'm glad he's being motivated. Always he's motor. Let arm to choose. Ever. An ex husband. So I just try to keep them. Well you are blessed to have your family in a filming their blood zoo in Lacey. You know look we know behind every man there is a strong woman trying to keep things together. How we what have you witnessed. Lee you know with your husband and and how have you been trying to help him. A deal with just with every day struggles. You know as he mentioned might be a blast in Lansing and very typical RS is physically and even mentally his hands have been straddling. And it's hard you know when you there was someone. Literally year whole adult life into seeing there a client physically and an even mentally. And and that is only held you know. A home on the July parents NEA journalists even get a he couldn't. You know he can stand the light so packaging and dark hour he just didn't really want to be rounds did very irritable. I mean physically you know there's days where I have to China you know hope can be addressed or just you know he. He doesn't. It's hard because when you know someone was. And gain UC let me go to our day to day and into CE you know our. For the last several years you know the NFL has been. They hadn't had the kind of players like I had and their benefits she got discouraging. Now but as we we have been vocal just reminded. People to really what is right there is life after all there is like NFL and every players like my house and who was suffering violent acts. You know we. Decided senator figure out how we can change and haired and that's why I wanted to create a place they iceberg our guys just has to coming. You know counseling and treatment that. I don't fully be at least until I see them. You know make it right and as you know list deserters are EU's claim back if you receive an award and had it and I. Even after doctors had confirmed his diagnosed me I just Aaron you know my prayer is that NF Bauer is delicate dance. About doing what they are saying they're gonna. Second. Well as you both know an investigation we did hear earlier this year uncovered those emails and and data suggesting that the league's protocols. Made it more difficult for black former players like you Leonard to qualify for compensation. And according to this new 46 page document it seems like this is an attempt to even the playing field. How black players not receiving. Equal treatment and you can both way on this and weigh in on this Lewis when we start with you. So what was being schools are. That's that's OK Lacey one on one on I have you pick up you know with with and and Louis we'll get back to you right I understand that's a that's a lot to process let's start with and I think. So so basically what we're doing what they weren't making it marked typical. Or the black players should be able to receive their benefits because it is still armed and narcotic to bleach and laugh at my command were slower. So it would have to score higher on the test say a white former retired in clear to qualify her there. Now in my has. If he ever seeing. A cruel sport and it. They went doing entire odd it. And they Pam Miller adverse islands in my has been. And right before it was suppose to and minister of economy we received notification that his claim was. In overturned. And they did it. That global laid out certain norms. Including an arms race still to me I just can't understand how it would deny it Claire. We're not allocating our race and race should not determine if there's any at senator norm cognitive damaged. There's any packer brain damaged in the capital mainly lost a race should be an actor so basically the NFL was. Strategically. Placing no are so that black players former players would happen. Score higher in say a white retired air. And that's just not right and that's what he's been happening that's what's happened to my head and and that's what we're allocating port mass what we're trying to fight or. Lewis what more do you want to see done. Well I'll. Oh Morrissey is our home this final I want to see not only. So when my Brothers who I went to war wit. Be able to really use some time restitution and some. All of my life because you know you you clinic and a failure short you're fortunate say armor our food and so we get you don't feel like our own home. You know I don't injuries around the not. Actually you know show due to injuries and I've been dealt with this every since. Taking our diluted when I was an only. When you talk. These wrestler but I just never knew what well. But now retired and noted the league is done and is still sitting here and they go bow. You know what the next you know twenty years won't be changing in due early due to provide. This tough this is is heartbreaking. Two young boys his growing like weeds in. Sometimes yeah. It is hurts leave your more to be broke down and inevitably there are locker room. And not. Able to do I need to do for the so really I just hope that I own in a show and these judges lawyers and come up with some powerful way to give where's benefits. And also. A lawless their own. She received a farce live bit and we had one or more and actually be able there. Gives us chance saloon only black. Well I'll tell you what sitting right next to you it is probably your most fierce cornerback every day Lacey is thrown out a hail Mary doing everything she can. To help you out that is clear yet a family that that really is is your your closest teammates Lacey Louis Leonard. Thank you so much for sharing your story appreciate it. In my experience you two and route to us the rest. Of us. Coming up victims of domestic violence. Was criticized for speaking out against their abusers what they did to fight back all revealed in a new documentary. And we're talking with the director's next. And welcome back to ABC news live you know two directors are shining a light on survivors of abuse. And so I stayed is an award winning documentary about three survivors. Who strikingly. Have similar stories and we're separated. By thirty years they all point to how no one believed their stories about their abuse and each ended up. Behind bars together to fight back here's a clip. Then we off and police reports hospital records witness statements in. Pictures as violations. Then things Leakey is heavy user rates hurt in an. Bloated it to a porn site. What more evidence do you meet. Why did it. Little records matter mighty yankees hospital records matter ready tenacious hospital records matter white didn't. Police reports matter why didn't yankees police reports matter right Indonesia's police reports matter. Why did in. My scars and bruises and marks on the matter why didn't yankees matter why didn't Indonesia's matter what I eat. Does it not mad hatter. While powerful what matters to us because we're talking about it joining me now as we honor domestic violence awareness month. The film's directors Natalie the cello and Danielle. Daniel Nelson as well as formerly incarcerated survivor and advocate Kim brown thank you all so much for being here. Natalie what inspired you to make this film. Well it started out I'm. My lower experience isn't seen a survivor of domestic violence and also. In 2010 Miami sister was killed. Irony her abuser and when I went to grand school. Columbia I knew that I want it to other domestic violence and now we're backing armed and lure and every staying and Kaiser whose murder and my personal stories. Alon Ben. Why don't you got her story about survivors who are criminalized for writing. And it. My mind it just like not Greek sense that we were bringing in survivors behind bars aren't there acts of survival whether it was some fans are being coerced to commit a crime by their user. You know survivors are feel like it's a life or death situation really is so since then I I decided that I would continue to. We're court and ask how are. I learned about can't. And her incredible work with New York's domestic violence are averaged just as I had also. Arm in time sent me. I'm historian. To dean and whose order actor only Ali can speak your team earn an obvious it's Jim's gun to speak about her experience. You've got it out guide the conversation cam and you know you're incarcerated for seventeen years for killing your abusive husband. Why what was it what was that you lacked what was it that you weren't getting who wasn't hearing U that that. That caused you or pushed you to the point where you felt like that was your only option. Well thank you for having me thank you for having asked this morning. Thumb. I think it's down lacked. Lack of that in a trauma informed the term roots when you bring your views Syria to the courtroom. I had Bryant's. Arrest warrant its order are now. I had cast their records police reports battered women shelter reports. I had him arrested thanks to our hands but none of that seemed to matter at court. And every time we went to court but you know I was upbeat. Upset hysterical woman today no one was really paying it shouldn't you. And armed he let stand there is say Carl. Eight he doesn't want anything to do with me and then as soon as we would get outside you'd be right there grabbing mean II it sat. I am I striking watching me heart sank permits Carl. So it was. Oh lack of support from the system you you know I I went to the art. A I have police reports I did everything right are supposed to do to be shady and nothing known when. Can't be saying. It's just it's it's heartbreaking. Is just hearing that and unfortunately we hear these types of stories far too often and Daniel. My guess is you are pretty surprised. To hear and many things about these survivors and within Kim's story and and others. Do you think this doc can make a difference DC this is finally kind of the angle the feel the emotion that characters. That can drive home why something has to be done to protect women like Kim. Yeah absolutely I. I seen one his first started this Sen and Natalie and showed me this the story would traders original intent Astoria numbers and her master's thesis I was really blown away by how when she was. I've been criminalize this earth presenting herself against your user accomplish and Natalie is incredible writer and journalist story was incredible law and Sheehan is one of those people just sort of jumps off an age when you read about her cash and yeah I feel like documentary installment it is is a medium that is their impact on soccer title meta issues like this and I just hope instead people walk away from this own. I'm understanding that. Com. I think folks haven't tendencies huge just trusts and the legal system is doing a great pain. Com and in many cases does not see clearly where this current domestic rounds drivers and so I know people watch that this gentlemen C that. Agreed then Natalie you know the New York Times covered. How your film actually played a role in Tunisia davis' case she's featured in the film which resulted in freedom. After a conviction what was that like for you and does it show you just the power of what your film making can do. It really does it really does show us the power. Storytelling in. And survivors using their boys. Me I'm sorry to part about as we worker Tunisia and her lawyers to put together videos. When her. Archie should he be sentenced under this new lot that in five or for ten years so. It will it's a date that I will never forget and you know they're still winning behind bargains like Tunisia there's -- item on the hill who faced in nineteen light sentence. You know the work is not confirm a balance you know area linking press release the whole there. For more survivors and whether exterior at a whole you know the legal system. Training. You know. Just empathy late really truly it's like these are people's lives any survivors. Hopes and dreams. Where are not a true crime story they should not in the back. And then there's a new should be explored. Learning about domestic violence. How better don't contribute. Well it already has IA and you're helping women get their power back Kim Natalie Daniel thank you so much and Natalie. It's your strength is is it is so amazing appreciate all preview for what you're doing. In Japan friends. Who you veteran. You bet and you can ask so go to the website to find out more about the film. Is why I stayed and watch it. It's powerful coming up a man taking. Charge ends not only is own health but the health of others his community inspiring drivers Thursday. When we come back. Welcome back it is driver Thursday noted that means our Robin Roberts spent some time with a pretty amazing man whose name is Aaron Perry he's one of five global leaders changing the world of health. Because when air was diagnosed. We type one diabetes he decided to take charge of his own life while also helping others in his own community. Here's Robin with the story. I knew that delight that I had prior Danbury active. I'm wanted to get that life back who did see this thing called the Iron Man triathlon my doctor stand you know wait a minute you know I'll problem once and exercise about the Iron Man at best a serious athletes you can't do that. 362. Days from that conversation I've crossed the finish line my very first time. Here is the. Take heart the ironman triathlon. Biggest misconception is that black men don't care on the hill that's not accurate and I'll going to get my hair cut and I was here guys. Talk about having all types of health child. And in those kinds of content beautiful here. I walked right out the door I realize you know. There's a disconnect here because these guys are not getting better I remember who ask in the team owner did not present. I may not women's health clinics in this barbershop. There was so much excitement and energy that day event that very first one opens it and when I saw Aaron was just such a big smile on his face. I was just so happy for him because not only USC overcome so much with his own personal health challenges. Now he's taken that and he's impacting thousands and thousands of lives. Imbruglia built this fall service. A place where a man. Driver is someone that doesn't wasting. You do maybe that's okay. Personally. And thank you for doing what you're doing Aaron and Robin thank you so much for the beautiful story that does it for us this hour and cure Phillips thanks for joining us remember ABC news live. He's here for you all day with the latest news contacts analysis and I'll see back here at 3 PM eastern. With Terry Moran. Stay safe. Have a great rest your day.

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