ABC NEWS LIVE: Possible breakthrough in manhunt for Brian Laundrie

Plus, the FDA backed mixing and matching COVID vaccines and a reality check on Latina Equal Pay Day.
29:47 | 10/21/21

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Transcript for ABC NEWS LIVE: Possible breakthrough in manhunt for Brian Laundrie
Saying good morning everyone I'm cured Phillips we're so glad you're serving with us this morning a possible breakthrough in the manhunt for Gatti pitino's boyfriend Brian laundry. The gators found what appeared to be human remains. Below the personal items such as they backed next ten notebook belonging to Brian floundering. And it was Brian Lund whose parents who led them there this morning all the new details. The FDIA backing mixing and matching vaccines and green lighting boosters Furman Daryn and Johnson & Johnson. Could the FDA lower that age of eligibility for a booster. Doctor Patel joins me live. And the NFL reaching a deal to end the race normally in its landmark one billion dollar gain custody settlement. The we begin with that major development in the massive manhunt for Brian laundry the only person of interest. In the Gabby the Tito murder case federal agents. Finding what they believe are likely human remains and items belonging to laundry in the Florida nature preserve where they'd been searching for weeks. Medical examiner now reviewing the remains to determine. If indeed they belong to laundry. ABC news chair brawl has more. This morning a key discovery in the search for Gabby could Tito's former boyfriend Brian laundry as authorities say they've uncovered what may be human remains in Florida's Nyack I had cheat creek environmental park investigators found what appeared to be human remains. All the personal items. Such as a backpack. A notebook belonging to Brian floundering. The discovery made near a trail Brian frequent it his parents Chris and Roberta laundry leading investigators to the area Wednesday morning. Their attorney speaking to ABC news the reserve was only opened yesterday to the public so Chris and Roberta had informed me that they want to go. To the reserves is to look around and I notified the north port police who I believe notified the FBI and they met them at. As the medical examiner works to confirm whether those remains belonged to Brian laundry and his attorney telling CNN. There's a high probability. It's him. The FBI now bringing in cadaver dog saying it will take days to process the scene. The alligator infested swamps of this reserve has served as the focal point in the monthlong search. After laundries parents told authorities he went there the night he disappeared. His father Chris laundry join this church for his son two weeks ago reportedly pointing out possible trails and paths but nothing was found. Then Wednesday investigators say the remains a long side Bryant's backpack and notebook were uncovered in an area previously under water. I can't say for certain that Chris showed this particular area to police at that point in time. But I can say that this is an area that we initially notified the FBI that Bryan liked to hike in the gonna wait for the results of the forensic identification before making any further comments. I think I planned very two days in. Content hanging out. Brian laundry is still the only person of interest in daddy picked Tito's disappearance he returned home from their cross country road trip September 1 without Gabby. Both he and his parents refusing to speak with authorities about her whereabouts. Levy's body was found September 19 near grand T con national park in Wyoming. The coroner saying she'd been murdered and left there for weeks that cause death by strangulation. An error this also. An earlier this week get he could Tito's parents telling sixty minutes Australian they never felt their daughter was in danger because she was with Bryant. I thought he would take care of her. Just wanna. Get imminent and then sell them s's place. To rural joining me now from Venice Florida so. Trevor what do you think cal long from the medical examiner to actually identify those apparent remains. Well cure the medical examiner hasn't given a timeline themselves but I would anticipate this could likely take at least a few days here because for context. When Gabby for Tito was found it took two days to get that confirmation and in that instance. The body that they discovered matched Gabby could Tito's description in this instance. Investigators say the remains that they found down here in Florida still need to be a 100% confirmed that they are human. So that could likely be a hint as to the condition that this possible body was found and if it is a body at all having said that. Investigators do say that they believe these are human remains and Brian laundries attorney says this is probably hidden Keira. While well there's still a lot of questions also about. Laundries parents and and their involvement in this search right what more do we know about that. Well we can tell you what their attorney says in terms of how this played out timeline wise we know that this environmental park open to the public for the first time yesterday the attorney for Brian laundries parents as. They wanted to come out in search form with being open to the public they called the authorities. And police and the FBI met them here yesterday. On this search and the attorney says about 45 minutes in Brian laundries father Chris had. He was zigzagging around the pass he was slightly off a trail that Brian frequented when he found one of Bryan's personal items and he says. That he grabbed that item himself instead of getting these stories because there was a journalist nearby. And he did not want the journalist to grab that personal items and then the attorney says. Landa Chris laundry brought that item back to the trail he was met with the authorities who said that up ahead. They believed that they had found remains and another one of Brian laundries items. At a separate part of the trail at least that is what. The attorney is saying in you have to remember Keira. That this shot is largely swampy area in weeks ago as they were beginning this search they said it was about 75%. Underwater. Over the past few weeks it's Ben dry the water has receded and we know. That this discovery was apparently made in an area that was previously on. But certainly a lot of people are taking note of the fact that after weeks of searching with many different law enforcement agencies and dozens of people. The fact that this discovery was made the morning that Brian laundries parents came out to search is a raising at least a few eyebrows here. Yeah understood and you've actually been following this story from the very beginning Trevor. How is the community there in Florida reacting to all these. Well they're pretty staunchly. Morning cabbies the T don't care I mean all surrounding the laundry family home there are signs. Asking first it was way areas Gabby and and now it's just simply. Remembered. I mean they are like the rest of the country frustrated by the silence of the laundry family because. Regardless. Of how this turns out with a human remains what we know factually. Is that Brian laundry returned home from this cross country road trip without his girlfriend. He did not report her missing he did not contact her family and then when her family reported her missing. He and his parents declined to speak with police. They wouldn't speak with the family themselves and they called their lawyer so you can imagine how the public perception of that is going to go over. That is the case here in north port here in Florida really across the country and across the entire world here. Or. Eager to hear from the medical examiner for sure Trevor all thanks so much for being live with us this morning. And the latest on the fight against corona virus now the FDA authorizing the first round of boosters fermenter and and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and giving the green light to mixing and matching boosters. Which Johnson was on Good Morning America this morning any broken all down for us. Food did. FDA saying is eligible for those would turn or JJ boosters Robin good morning this is confusing so let's really lay this South Korea to get through it. For people who originally received the Madonna vaccine here eligibility for boosters will be the same as the Pfizer vaccine and this would include those 65 and older here and those eighteen and older at high risk do no underlying health conditions or where they live or war. Now unlike the Pfizer Brewster the Madieu a boosters only. Half dose of the original size then for those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine looser eligibility. Is much broader we're talking people were eighteen and up. Two months after their first shot Robin I mean I bet they also authorize mixing and matching. Just exactly what does that mean. So Robin this means if you're eligible for a booster shot regardless of which vaccine you originally received you'll be able to choose which booster you want. Between any of the three vaccine brands available this gives people. Some flexibility here but most of this conversation revolves around the Johnson & Johnson vaccine there early studies that suggest if you first got a J&J shot but then got a boost from Pfizer or Madieu not you could have an even stronger initial anybody response but no evidence yet. That mixing leads to greater long term protection so what happens next here where when can people actually get these shots to unless you've got Pfizer which is already authorized not quite yet just a couple of more steps here today CDC advisory panel will vote on specific recommendations. Then the CDC director we'll give the final sign off so millions more Americans will likely be able to get those booster shots. By this weekend and there's one more thing. To think about all this the FDA is also considering lowering the age of eligibility reportedly for those forty and older but that issue likely won't be addressed. Until next month. Our way Johnson thank you so much let's continue the conversation now with Stamford children's. Health physician doctor a low Patel always good to see you in the morning doc. Likewise here to see you. Are right so as we just heard wits say the FDA has approved a Dern and Johnson Johnson boosters. We know the rollout for the first vaccines. Was abate confusing so. How do you think this is going to go and how soon do you think they could lower the eligibility age for the booster is well. We'll hear it definitely is confusing and you know it's that people seals and easy headline thing gives them pots and actually helping his people. Some sense of security and understanding how much data these experts are going there and back that is multiple committees coming there's so much stay about safety. Net magazine who is actually getting these losers now I've I expects. That the recommendation coming from Assisi is going to be in line with the FDA does this and all they know I'm curious to see what's gonna happen is who exactly they're gonna recommend it makes and it mixes and matches. Does Johnson Johnson boosters which is what went was alluding to. When he sent armies and confusion there because you know yes the data on paper. Show that people who don't Madeira are. Eyes are apt. Allison Johnson shot an increase in MI levels but the eighty president of Michaels doesn't necessarily Corley how would he do in the real world and Howell schedule overtime. So wanting their waiting to see what's gonna happen if they recommend. You know certain groups in Madeira vs Spicer regarding Don Johnson & Johnson but I do think the Madeira boosters can be right in line with what the FDA said and what we just heard it and obviously CDC director Wednesday's Marva the rule will Blanche Friday but the final stamp on it. Before goes to the policy. Art let's let's talk more about the the green light for the mixing and matching vaccines and the brands. Should people go ahead and get a booster shot. Of their choice or do you think they should try to stick to the original brand that they received and is mixing and matching actually. Bet her or are there any health concerns with mixing and matching vaccines I know that's a loaded question but this is a lot. Here you're you're coming up with it right now on the morning with this question added it's a great you know settle. It's not a new concept in a header all his priming when I talk to my immunology colleagues all receive yes. There's a lot of science historically show that this does work you're basically getting your immune system different versions of the vaccine is to get better immune boost Saudi the united Johnson & Johnson works is an act no virus. Vaccine into different Matheny MR name which we would get revised government dared ourselves. What studies have shown us that you get much if you get an earnings after getting that it did DNA based. Vaccine you're a great response there is a pretty sight and AstraZeneca and bison shyness in Europe and so you don't. If right announce an order company instead you Doug Johnson & Johnson you've got to pick a booster what do you do I'm getting going when did I know and probably medium or Daryn are wiser that doesn't mean it. The people out there are gonna get your protection they just get it you don't series from Johnson & Johnson bloody gonna happen. Heard a lot of speculation about his how does an improved vaccines a livery is the way I think about this if we have a masked booster site lets heaters and the supply vaccines going to and nursing facility or hostile it's a lot easier for those officials to just bring one batch. A vaccine new try to match was. And that's it actually every single different booster needed for people sitting that's another element here is the flexibility and ease at which we can get boosters out to a large you're vulnerable individuals. About side effects. After having a booster shot because we had side effects when we had either first or second shots of the vaccine. And then also eat you know it's time to get our flu shot so can we mix that in to all this is well. I decided bags anytime some redesign fixing it I'm like yes he's after my second buys a shot I was out early twenties or. Yeah about about a day now letting it department to remember that he side effects and by and large are expected it. This Indian reactors in this scene were expected to have its seriousness of revving up. Getting ready to go to battle the past you know that's an important discussion is gonna happen say with the advisory committee immunization practices. Is are there any side effects that people should be concerned about and is there is no kind of Ed. And general recommendation people should plan a booster when they don't you don't mean I'm Patti largest day of work. After it but. So far all the CE additionally it is safe to get the Boozer and there's no increased risk but again that's eyewitness final approval and regarding a flu shot cure you other recommendations changed about a mile more than a month ago. Saying that it's absolutely say if not recommended because you're already at the doctor's office. To get people the flu shot and the Kobe who certainly having not one of them already and I just have to add that extra PSA here is. Is that this is a different flu season middle last year when we were locked down by and large annual wearing masks were reopening we Nader Ross sees a flu season matching that 2019. Marie had thousands and thousands of people dying many Morgan hospitalized which. It all comes down to aside from misty always in debt they comes down to us having. You know all of a close eye on health care systems I'm already seeing influencing cases right now and it's not even November. Well monorail is time to get the feeling the flu shots is sounds like. It also in the UK admissions to hospitals and deaths are on the rise despite the high vaccination rate. Cindy think the US is is likely gonna follow in the same pattern. And also there's continued fear of variants to are the booster shots being changed to match these. Emerging variants. All here in order to sound smartest class that I notes to make sure I knew the name it is very DAY or to. It is a jobless saw variant which you know scientists are tracking right now that you can't from the date I've seen it represents about five to 6%. Others new cases out there is so it's too early to say this is it carries a consumer but. There are people who feel they need more transmissible waste your earliest painting by thinking or cautionary tale is that. There is can arise and they capsule leak and Meehan make it sells out if we continue to let the virus replicate meaning we can G July. The virus a whirl around from vulnerable up. Unvaccinated populations it can develop mutations that somebody that everyone is afraid about. Now in the UK. You know that I'm very successful early vaccination program. Which a lot of people IMAX digital earlier it data in the United States and one theories that that's only and a body protection may be waning right now. On top of that like they didn't completely open that. Three month. And not a lot of other teens at a vaccines either which adds is another. Can potentially go out there and spread the virus so a lot of different variables are ready important thing to note is that. This is where some other countries are headed if we aren't careful including United States is why would people say to me hey case they're going down. You should we just start celebrating relate not yes because the last thing the virus once dues go away. Eyesight that it is when Jacobi medical school doctor looked itself thank you so much and appreciate all the hero is there at those elections I was let your nose at all. I get a lot of help from some awesome producers can thing stuck at the are you here in our nation's capitol Democrats are closing in on a compromise for president Biden social safety investment plan president Biden. Caving on some key pieces of the economic package to rein in the moderates while with the removal of signature campaign promises like free community college. The price tag on the spending bill would be lowered substantially but the party is still at odds over other pieces of the plan. Facial Scott joins us this morning with more from Capitol Hill good morning ray tell. Here and that morning the White House says the window to reach a deal is now closing so what is getting down to the wire the president. Is being very clear about what he wants in his economic package and how quickly he wants his party to get it done after a marathon round of meetings with progressives and moderates at the White House the president hitting the road traveling. To Scranton Pennsylvania to sell his economic agenda directly to the American people sources tell me the president. Told Democrats he wants them to reach a deal on this by the end of next week before he heads off on that foreign trip. And that's sacrifices would have to be made in order to get it across the finish line including scrapping one of his signature campaign promises to wishing free community college the size of this package the president says is also likely to come down from 3.5 trillion dollars to just under two trillion dollars. When Democrat telling me this is the most forceful they have seen the president yet about advancing his economic agenda. But they're still more work to do Keira including op play out on how to. Cape for now. All right Rachel Scott from Capitol Hill this morning Forrest thanks Rachel new. On that plane crash in Texas work miraculously all 21 people on board. Managed to get out of that fire a live now we're learning more about the investigation. And how is even possible that everyone survived serene shies in Texas with the latest for us. This morning we're learning more about the survivors from this Texas crash. That ended with a range speeding down a run weight and bursting into flames after the pilot aborted take off. 78 year old Ken Albers Stanley seeing other passengers had to jump in and can help them until evacuation slides on the plane originally headed to MLB playoffs in Boston Tuesday. Melbourne are one of two hospitalized for minor injuries. The pride big jet carrying 21 passengers and crew owned by Houston home builder. Who along with his wife and a ten year old were on the plane. A puff of smoke was seen shooting out of an engine during the take off attempt. But experts say it's unclear if it was related to the accident pilot hairy Johnson filmed that video. You didn't get to make get snow did and didn't hear us pilots we go through this but. To see that it. Another thing that has arrived. Thing goodness for the pilots. And they didn't make it can Stanley telling us that 78 year old is in good spirits he's still laughing and joking even from the hospital. In fact ms. Astros fan is still asking about the score of the game. Here a. But beloved Zairean John thank you so much we'll coming up the NFL reaching an agreement would. With the former players over race and arming the controversial practice critics say they. Rob some black players the concussion settlement payments that they deserved. Welcome back ABC news I'm so glad you're streaming with us this morning while the NFL reaching a deal to end the use of race -- being in the NFL's concussion settlement. Critics say that the controversial system costs some black former players with head injuries millions of dollars today Norman has the story for us. This morning the NFL reaching a deal with its former players eliminating the use of the controversial practice of recent warming. A tool used to evaluate cognitive damage. That critics say disadvantaged. Black former player seeking compensation for head injury suffered on the field. This battle where. Is personal. This is our. Amy you know on the aren't the only. IB RER. On the original settlement programs recommended formula. Assumed black players began their careers at a lower cognitive level than white players meaning black players had to prove a more significant cognitive decline than white players in order to receive a payout. But after months of confidential negotiations ordered by a federal judge. New curbs were filed to the court under seal on Wednesday. ABC news obtained the 46 page document and learned that the NFL and other parties agreed that no grease norms or raise demographic estimates whether black or white Shelby used in the settlement program going forward sources familiar with the agreement telling ABC news that the new deal could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional compensation for former players and their families one of those players is Steven Henry. Football doesn't give you an expiration date you just expire up at ten concussions are more apparent at least seventeen surgeries. Seventeen. And our uncle and still didn't. The former Pittsburgh steeler defensive lineman submitted a claim in 2017. After he was diagnosed with mild dementia. The settlement administrator denied his claim citing inappropriate norms used to measure his cognitive decline. I just want to be looked at the same way as a white guy. The NFL initially defended the program but earlier this year in the league changed course after an ABC news investigation. Uncovered emails between clinicians who evaluated former players for the program saying they felt pressured to apply race based adjustments to players' cognitive test scores and believed those adjustments discriminated against black players. Overnight the NFL issuing a statement reading. We look forward to the court's prompt approval of the agreement. Which provides for our race neutral on valuation process that will ensure diagnostic accuracy and fairness and the concussion settlement. The agreement will silly to be reviewed by a judge and is also expected to undergo a public hearing before its final approval. But the lawyer afford the players in the settlement saying. These changes accomplish what we promised you. To eliminate the consideration of race and all the settlements diagnostic testing. And provide black former players retesting or re scoring of claims here. Today thank you so much well it's like T not. Equal pay day and we're cashing in on a reality check right now according to the national women's law center Latino women. Make 5757. Cents to every dollar that a white man makes soap. What's really mean and why hasn't that pay gap for Latinos moved to much for so many decades Monica Ramirez president. And founder of justice per migrant women joining us now to talk about. The movement working toward. A more profitable future for our hard working women Monica thanks so much for being here this morning. Thanks yeah. Let's start with your hot bed let Tina this week where you mentioned. How are even though the pay gap has increased two cents since last year it doesn't really tell the whole story so. Break it down what what did this increase really mean Monica. Think you yet you know I think. When people look at that number they say wow we've we've made a little bit of parent but the truth is that what that 57 cents represents. The two cent increase from could keep five cents to 57 cents. That really accounts for the fact that more than one million Latinos. Where pushed out of the workforce during this pandemic. How many of those Latina state unemployed. For more than six months and during a time when the data was being calculated. To press to better understand what the wage gap was in 20/20. Those women workers warn that even count hitch so that is the reality when this particular data. I'm but I think it's important for us to understand that the paid hate it collection methods overlook many women. All of the time not just during this pandemic and there are. Individuals who are working part time or working in the gay economy. You know that many domestic workers are impacted because a lack of collection of their dean act. Immigrant women in undocumented women so many individuals the trans. Let the man's across the country trans community members they're data is and being collected until we don't have a full reflection. Of what that you move. I did make act is what we know is dismal. But we don't have a complete picture and during this pandemic we know that things didn't get better product been as they got worse. And and well here so they we do you know companies can do more to it to level the playing field so if you are able to sit before. Various CEOs what would you say. Could be done and something it very quickly for Latina woman. Well first of in this pandemic as a theme as are figuring out how they're going to get back to work. We need employers to implement policies that are going to provide pay Italy each. And I know some players he wants not required by law. That's something needs to change politically but employers can change their policies on their own to insure that people have the support they need to be able to care for their children and do their work. Is loves other there only for their own health care and other people and their families who've gotten sick during this pandemic and going forward. We need to make sure that as as let you know workers and others are going back to work that they are being put in positions that are the equivalent if not better in the positions that they had before. And hassle employers should do their own audit to make a determination as to how they are doing are they paying barely across the board. Because we need in making sure that we're checking ourselves it shouldn't require government intervention or government mandate employers have the power now. To be good employers and their employers and that's or asking for. Well. With the power of your movement I know you're gonna continue to make change and by the way. Loved the arts hanging out behind two beautiful I bet you there's a story behind every piece Monica right. Caring and have another conversation. Yes they're definitely a story behind this art. I gave gave next you gotta deal monetary Marist thank you so much appreciate you are right thank you take care. All right coming up man taking charge of not only is own health but the health of others in his community. And inspiring driver Thursday when we come back. And welcome back it is the right every Thursday in our Robin Roberts along with her production company rock and Robin productions. Spend some time with Erin Perry one of five global leaders changing the world of health. When Aaron was diagnosed with type one diabetes he decided to take charge of his own life while also helping others within his community. Here's Robin with his awesome story. I knew that delight that I had prior denbury active. I wanted to get that life back I did see this thing called the ironman triathlon my doctor's stand you know wait a minute you know I'll problem once and exercise but I am man. Best a serious athletes you can't do that. 362. Days from that conversation across the finish line in my very first time. Here is the first insulin dependent African. America to take part in the ironman triathlon. Biggest misconception is that black men don't care about their health that's not accurate and I'll going to get my haircut and I would hear guys. Talk about having our types of health challenge. And in those kinds of content beautiful hair cut they walk right out the door realizing now. There's a disconnect here because these guys are not getting better. I remember asking that the owner cannot present opening up a men's health clinic in his barbershop. There was so much excitement and energy the day that that very first one opens and when I saw Aaron with just such a big smile on his face. I was just so happy for him because not only has he overcome so much with his own personal health challenges. Now he's taken that pain he's impacting thousands and thousands of lives. We're really a bill this full service place where men gold cup driver is someone that doesn't wasting. And note that something that you do may be that change that that person me. And thank you Aaron for what you do and Robin for -- in us that story. Well that does it for us here on ABC news live I'm cure Phillips thanks so much for joining us will see you right back here at the top of the hour.

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