2 reported tornadoes touch down in California amid major storms

ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano joins from Montebello, California, where one of the tornadoes touched down.
2:59 | 03/23/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 reported tornadoes touch down in California amid major storms
DIANE MACEDO: Two tornadoes touched down in California-- one in Los Angeles just miles from where the Lakers were playing their game last night. This comes after a major storm brought heavy rain, snow, and mudslides. Rob Marciano is in Montebello, California with the latest. ROB MARCIANO: Dangerous pieces of debris being hurled through the air-- - Oh! ROB MARCIANO: --after two rare tornadoes touched down in California-- one just east of Los Angeles, shredding up roofs. Near the Santa Barbara coast, a confirmed tornado picking up and tossing pieces of damaged homes. - Yo! ROB MARCIANO: At least five weather-related deaths-- four from falling trees. Rescuers racing to free the driver and passenger of this white pickup after a massive tree came crashing down. The ground saturated, roots giving way. Watch as this car narrowly misses a tree slamming down on top of it. People picking up and cleaning up what they can. And what were you feeling and thinking when it was coming through? - You could see the oaks swaying. They were going back and forth, about 12 feet range from the top bedroom window that I could see. And it was loud. ROB MARCIANO: Mudslides in Colfax nearly swallowing this home. DIANE MACEDO: And Rob Marciano joins me live now for more on this. Rob, what's it like there right now? ROB MARCIANO: Well, it's quiet, and as you can see, it's still dark here in southern California. But we're just outside this basically industrial area that got hit. And like you said, it's just about eight miles from downtown LA, where the Lakers play their games. Now, the buildings here have been red-flagged by the Fire Department too unsafe to get too close to. But we do have a drone. Even though it's dark, you can kind of get a feel for what some of this damage is like. Right behind me is a big tree that came down and across the wrought-iron fence. But a number of these buildings in this industrial park are badly damaged. About 17 hit. 11 of them badly damaged. Most of them have seen their roofs ripped off. There was one injury, but I tell you what-- considering where this hit, so close to Los Angeles, and for the strength of this tornado, we're very lucky that no one lost a life here, Diane. DIANE MACEDO: So how rare are tornadoes in California, Rob? ROB MARCIANO: Well, they're not as rare as you think. Anywhere from five to 10 tornadoes do hit the state per year. But it's a big state, so to get two in the same day, and to get one of this magnitude-- an EF1 with 110 mile per hour winds-- this close to downtown LA? I mean, this is in the metro area. That is certainly rare. We haven't seen one of this strength since 1983. So it's been 40 years. This is-- it's been a surreal a couple of days, I got to tell you, Diane. We had the mother of this storm came onshore like a hurricane, and then the day after, we had two tornadoes across southern and central California. So this is certainly a storm for the history books, Diane. DIANE MACEDO: All right. Rob Marciano in Montebello, California. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano joins from Montebello, California, where one of the tornadoes touched down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"98075534","title":"2 reported tornadoes touch down in California amid major storms","url":"/US/video/2-reported-tornadoes-touch-california-amid-major-storms-98075534"}