Manhattan grand jury to reconvene as early as Thursday in Trump probe

The grand jurors were called Wednesday morning and told they were not needed during the day as scheduled, according to sources familiar with the matter.
4:46 | 03/22/23

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Transcript for Manhattan grand jury to reconvene as early as Thursday in Trump probe
- Now to those investigations surrounding former President Donald Trump. First, in New York, sources telling us that a grand jury is not meeting today as it considers potential charges against him in the Stormy Daniels hush money investigation. Trump has acknowledged paying the porn star $130,000, but he says he did nothing wrong. Prosecutors see it differently, and they're looking into whether he potentially violated election laws and falsified documents while trying to conceal the relationship. Well, this all comes as we are learning of another development in a separate case, special counsel investigation into the former president's handling of those classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Sources also telling us there that a top federal judge has ruled that prosecutors have presented compelling preliminary evidence that Trump knowingly and deliberately misled his own lawyers in that case. Well, the former president has repeatedly denied mishandling those documents. And the move could have huge implications for his defense now. All right. Let's put it all into context. ABC'S senior investigative reporter Aaron Katersky, he's there in lower Manhattan. We also have our senior reporter, Katherine Faulders, here in DC, and Jeff Robbins, former chief minority counsel to the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Aaron, let's start with you. The hush money investigation-- we started the day believing that the grand jury might actually reconvene. And we would find out if indeed the former president would be indicted. But you've now learned that it won't. So do we know why? - We don't know why, Kyra, but the grand jurors were called this morning and told they would not be needed afternoon as scheduled. Whether that's just a scheduling snafu or whether prosecutors weren't ready to go forward with something, we just don't know. It's possible that they will reconvene tomorrow, and they may well want to hear from a witness. Could be a new witness. Could be a witness that they'd previously heard from that they'd like to hear from again. There's really no telling where the grand jury process is because it's all conducted in secret. But prosecutors have left us some breadcrumbs in recent days to suggest that the examination is nearing an end and a vote on an indictment of former President Trump could be near. KYRA PHILLIPS: So Jeff, the grand jury, since it's not meeting, how do proceedings and investigations like this work? I mean, how long could this actually go before we get a decision? - Well, there's no telling, Kyra, how long it will go. But the fact that they are apparently scheduled to meet tomorrow or later this week does tell us that they are moving toward the conclusion. Why they postponed it a day could be due to so many different causes-- scheduling issues with the grand jurors, the need or the perceived need to present a rebuttal to Mr. Costello, the Trump team lawyer who testified earlier in the week, coordination issues with the court, or with law enforcement, or with Mr. Trump. We don't know, but what does seem clear is that they are moving pretty rapidly toward sort of D-day in terms of the grand jury decision. KYRA PHILLIPS: And so Katherine, as for the classified documents investigations, what are the developments there? - Yeah. There are significant developments, and we should note that the Trump team has appealed this decision that you mentioned earlier. We're waiting for a decision from the circuit on that. But the significant developments here are that we're learning that prosecutors have essentially put Trump in the very center of this classified documents investigation. We're learning from sources that they have described Trump's efforts as a criminal scheme and that he knowingly and willfully directed one of his lawyers to lie, essentially, to the government, that he misled his attorney. So making the attorneys it seems at least a bit of the victims here. Now, that's at least what we're learning from this ruling that you mentioned about what prosecutors have determined. Now we're waiting, of course, to hear from the appeals court, but look. Once the appeals court rules, you could see this lawyer. We've talked a lot about him, Evan Corcoran. He could be coming in to testify before the grand jury sooner rather than later. We don't know if the Trump team will try to appeal this before the Supreme Court. But we do know that this is moving very rapidly. The circuit court has set these vigorous deadlines, so we're just waiting on the ruling. - All right. And Jeff, really, how common is this for attorney-client privilege to be potentially just disregarded here? Could Trump's attorneys actually be forced to testify against him? - Well, that's exactly where we're headed, Kyra, if the decision of the district court is upheld by the appeals court. What we could see is really a body blow for the Trump team, which is in order that Trump's lawyer tell the grand jury what Trump told him about these documents and what should be done with them or what had been done with them. And that could be really lethal for the Trump team.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The grand jurors were called Wednesday morning and told they were not needed during the day as scheduled, according to sources familiar with the matter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"98051519","title":"Manhattan grand jury to reconvene as early as Thursday in Trump probe","url":"/Politics/video/manhattan-grand-jury-reconvene-early-thursday-trump-probe-98051519"}