World renowned chef explores 'Restaurants at the End of the World'

A new National Geographic travel show takes viewers along for the ride as chef Kristin Kish travels across the globe to try foods from off the grid.
3:43 | 03/23/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World renowned chef explores 'Restaurants at the End of the World'
- --all-new docuseries is taking world-renowned chef and global trailblazer Kristen Kish to new heights-- literally. The four-part National Geographic travel show, called Restaurants at the End of the World, takes viewers on a culinary journey exploring cuisines from some of the most remote places on Earth. Take a look. KRISTIN KISH: Throughout my career, I've worked in all kinds of kitchens, and every challenge I faced has made me a better chef. So now, I'm headed out on a journey-- I'm literally in the middle of nowhere-- to places like this, this, and this. Wow. Look at that. --to restaurants so remote that their chefs face more challenges in a day-- [YELLING] See what it takes to get a good product? --than most chefs face in a lifetime. Oh my God! And yet, they turn these obstacles into once-in-a-lifetime meals. I got a fish! - And chef Kristen Kish joins me live now for more on this. As I was just saying, I think you have the best job on the planet. But talk me through this. You've traveled all over the world to experience unique ingredients, people, cultures, meals, of course. Any experience in particular stick out to you? KRISTEN KISH: All of them. I will say, I like to think I'm a generally empathetic human being. And so being able to spend time-- a week at a time-- with these people, learning their lives, learning their families on camera, off camera-- everything that sticks out to me is just the human interaction. I cried in every single episode out of pure gratitude and just kindness that they showed me. And really, I just take them and their story with me everywhere I go. - What did you find most surprising when looking at these restaurants that are essentially cut off from the grid? KRISTEN KISH: I like to think that maybe I have a little bit of creativity and ingenuity in me. But this is just on a whole different playing field. They're working with Mother Nature, which is unpredictable, and an environment in which they are led largely in part by so much uncertainty. And it's just fascinating to watch their entire growth and their thought process as they maneuver through trying to make a meal. - What were some of your favorite dishes that you tried? KRISTEN KISH: Some of my favorite dishes weren't actually the dishes that I thought tasted good. I don't need to love everything, and that's OK. But what I find most impressive is learning something new. And there is this feeding sack from a ptarmigan grouse that he infused-- took all the contents out, infused it in a young gin-- and we made a cocktail with glacier ice. It wasn't the most delicious thing I've ever had. However, it was the most impressive thing I think I've had. - Now, when you're looking at these chefs and learning from them in terms of the resourcefulness and how they are doing things without many resources, are there any tips that you feel like we could take away from that and use in our own kitchens? KRISTEN KISH: Yes. I'm going to tell you to relinquish all control. Food is food. Food will taste good, hopefully, at some point-- good enough for you to want to eat it. And also, if you mess up, that's also OK. Not everything has to be this resounding success every single time. And watching these folks create this meal-- they're not doing it to be the greatest meal that they've ever cooked. They're doing it to challenge themselves and to find growth within that process. - Even us, when we're saying, oh, a little bit more salt, what happens if I put cinnamon in this-- sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. But that's how you learn. KRISTEN KISH: Exactly. Experimentation. - So where are you headed next? KRISTEN KISH: Hopefully to all the pockets of the world that I have yet to hear of, because those are the places I want to explore. - Very cool. Kristen Kish, we so appreciate you coming on. Thank you. Restaurants at the End of the World airs weekly 10:00 to 9:00 central on Nat Geo with all episodes available on Disney Plus as well.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"A new National Geographic travel show takes viewers along for the ride as chef Kristin Kish travels across the globe to try foods from off the grid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"98075610","title":"World renowned chef explores 'Restaurants at the End of the World'","url":"/Lifestyle/video/world-renowned-chef-explores-restaurants-end-world-98075610"}