Allison Holker Boss and Stephen tWitch Boss host dance-inspired fashion show

The dancers and influencers teamed up with "GMA" sponsor Dick's Sporting Goods to spotlight the DSG X tWitch and Allison collection just in time for a new school year.
4:13 | 08/17/22

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Transcript for Allison Holker Boss and Stephen tWitch Boss host dance-inspired fashion show
Now, with the couple who lights up social media with their dance move, lighting up Times Square right now as well. Allison Holker Boss and Stephen tWitch Boss. This segment is sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods. It is back to school time, hard to imagine. And as brand ambassadors, tWitch and Allison are bringing their take on fashion for the new school year. Thanks for being here. - Thank you for having us-- - You guys bring such joy to us. Love following you on social media. - Thank you. - It seems like this summer has, kind of, been a giant dance party for you and your family. - Oh, yes. - Absolutely. I mean, it's always a big dance party. We always got music playing. And honestly, we've had a little time for a vacation too, so we milked the summer for as much as we could. - And dancing on that vacation, I'm sure. - You already know. - Always moving, always moving. I know you have three kids, two of them, Wesley and Maddox heading back to school. Are you ready? - We are ready. I mean, as ready as we can be. But also, fashion to them is a way for them to express themselves, which is why we are actually here with DSG right now. We're talking about back to school fashion, which is incredible. [CHEERING] LARA SPENCER: Yeah, was just going to say, it's really important to them, and I know to you to not only be fashionable, but also to be functional and comfortable. - Absolutely. That's what DSG, the brand is all about for us. It's something that we also stand behind, they give back to local communities, and it's also a very inclusive brand. - Absolutely. And what's great about this is, like, everything that we design, what we have on right now is based around, like, music and movement. LARA SPENCER: Yes. - Yeah. LARA SPENCER: So we're doing a new kind of fashion show here. We're going to throw in some of your movement, some of your great dance moves with a dancing fashion show. So we're going to start right now. Robin, come on out. [MUSIC - MARY J. BLIGE, "JUST FINE"] - Hey. - Let's go, Robin. What? Oh my goodness, gracious. She can move. She can groove effortlessly. Tell us about this look, you guys, on Robin. ALLISON HOLKER BOSS: OK, this look right now is one of my favorites. It's a matching set, which I love a matching set, also the color which I'm also wearing. It's a trending color for this fall. - Love it. - So we love it. We love the bag. The bag is so comfortable, it's easy and amazing. LARA SPENCER: And it's free, baby. ALLISON HOLKER BOSS: Yeah. LARA SPENCER: Love those dance moves. I love it. - She's amazing. - Robin, killing it. Next up, we've got John. John is ready for a cool school day. And I'm not just talking about the weather. [MUSIC PLAYING] Tell me about this look, tWitch. STEPHEN TWITCH BOSS: What's great about this is that John is rocking a fleece crewneck, which I love crewnecks, but he has it dressed down with a mesh short. The great thing about this is you can exchange either one. You can rock the crewneck with some jeans, or you can rock the mesh shorts with a t-shirt if you want to work out. And also, listen. I heard that John is available for homecoming dates and stuff like that. - Let's go, John. - I don't know. - All right. Where's Isabella. Isabella's got a big look. Isabella, you in the house? [MUSIC - LADY GAGA, ARIANA GRANDE, "RAIN ON ME"] - Let's go. Rain on me. - Isabella's going sporty spicy. - Hey. - Talk to me about this look. - Oh, we love a graphic tee. A graphic tee goes with anything. It's easy, it's comfortable, and the tie dye shorts. And also as a mother, we love the mid-legs, like biker short. Makes me feel comfortable. She looks amazing. LARA SPENCER: This is my favorite fashion show ever. Thank you, Isabella. One more look from Peter. [MUSIC - BACKSTREET BOYS, "LARGER THAN LIFE"] All you people, can't you see, can't you see-- - This is one of the most popular looks of the summer. It's, kind of, a mellow tie dye. STEPHEN TWITCH BOSS: Absolutely. And what's great about this, like you said earlier, the matching sets are really, like, they're a thing. And that's going to continue into the fall. Obviously, the tie dyes work in bold colors, but then also a nice little natural, neutral situation-- I like the neutrals, really nice. - Absolutely. - And guys, really cool thing. Peter, hey, by the way, looking so good. I love that whole thing. But the thing that's so great about this it's not just that the looks are great, but also that the sales go to a great cause. - Absolutely. Each one of the sales of the DSG brand, we donate 1% of each sale to the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation, which really helps. It provides access to sports and arts. - They're supporting youth sports in local communities. So it's an awesome thing that we love to stand behind. Being athletes and dancing ourselves, like, they're doing so much good for the world. - Absolutely. - Thank you to Dick's. Thanks to you guys. What a great fashion show.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"The dancers and influencers teamed up with \"GMA\" sponsor Dick's Sporting Goods to spotlight the DSG X tWitch and Allison collection just in time for a new school year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"88490273","title":"Allison Holker Boss and Stephen tWitch Boss host dance-inspired fashion show","url":"/GMA/Style/video/allison-holker-boss-stephen-twitch-boss-host-dance-88490273"}