Deals and Steals on home and kitchen

Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for "GMA" viewers on home and kitchen must-haves.
4:11 | 08/17/22

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on home and kitchen
[MUSIC - PITBULL, "I FEEL GOOD"] I don't know about you, but I feel good. GIO BENITEZ: All right, it is time for day three of our four-day Deals and Steals special. And this morning, Tory Johnson, you've got some super summer savings on all things kitchen and home. And, hey, remember, you can get these products by pointing your cell phone camera at the QR code at the bottom of your screen there. Tory, so good to have you here. - Excited to do this with you. So we're starting out with MEEMA. - OK. These are good for you aprons, good for the planet aprons? - Yes. - OK. - And so that's because they take materials that would be-- that are discarded by jeans manufacturers and yarn mills, and they turn it into the fabric that they use to make these, both the tea towels as well as the aprons. So think about it as kind of like upcycled denim and cotton, upcycled-- - That's cool. - --jeans and cotton. That's what these are made from. So we've got both the kitchen towels as well as we've got three styles of aprons. And what's great about these aprons is, obviously, it's good for a cook in the kitchen, but also a barber, barista, gardener, crafting, somebody who does scrapbooking. There's so many different options for these. All machine washable, really beautiful quality, all about bringing-- - Really cool fabrics too. - --joy, absolutely, joy and function. These start at $12.50. - Awesome, awesome. - Yeah, really good price. - Let's keep that upcycled trend going because these are recycled. - OK, this is a company called (re)x. It's all about recycle, reuse. These hangers are made from plastic that is either retrieved from the ocean or intercepted on the way to the ocean. - That's brilliant. - Yes. And for a 10-pack, about 2 pounds of plastic is put to use specifically for this. All 100% recycled. And what's great is, feel how durable this is. - Oh, yeah, they really are. - It's very durable. So it's not going to break and wind up back in a landfill. - And I like that they have these little ridges here-- - That reinforced area so they hold. - --so they really hold onto clothes, yeah. - A 20-pack-- you'll get a 20-pack for $24. - Ooh. All right, sweet. - Yes. OK. - OK, chargers. - Nimble, so this is another one that's made from recycled materials. Recycled plastic, aluminum, and discarded CDs and DVDs turn into these. - That's awesome. - Yeah. And what's awesome is these are all about fast charging, so fast charging your devices. One of my favorites is this one here. This is the Champ. It's compact like this, but then it's got three days of power with it. So you get a lot from that small little-- - Three days of power. - That little thing. We've got cases. We've got all kinds of chargers. This is a smart one. Again, good for you, good for the planet. These start at $10. - All right, I'll be grabbing this one too. - Yeah, those are smart. OK. - Lighting. - Limitless-- - I love this because-- - --Innovations. - --indoor and outdoor you said. - Yes. So this is a motion sensor. We just saw it based on our movement here. So this is great to hang outside so that you can see and be seen on your property. This one right here, look at this. This can pop off here so you could put that magnetic piece anywhere, a closet, an area that needs extra light. These are more for indoors. But what I like about that too is it comes on a tripod like this so that if you had to be able to put it on a handrail, a bike rail, these are really smart options. 10-- sorry, $20 to $30 for all of these. - Wow, so cool. - They're really smart, Gio. - OK, let's go over here now. What's this collection? - Flikr. This is a portable personal fireplace that works with just a little bit of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. So you pop it into there, just a little bit of it, and you get about 45 minutes of ambiance. So whether you want either that ambiance or you're going to make some s'mores, this is a really fun one. Super easy to have at home. And these start at $49.50. - Perfect for the fall. - Yeah. - Perfect for the fall. - Very perfect for the fall. - OK. - Finally, Madd Capp puzzles. We love a good puzzle, perfect for entertaining. We've got the brand new Sasquatch in front here. That's 1,000 pieces. So these are really difficult to do. So they provide hours of family entertainment. We've got so many new ones from them-- parrott, goldfinch, mermaid right there, that one that you're touching. So from 300 pieces to 1,000 pieces, depending on, like, what level of complexity you want to bring to home. Our viewers love these. I love these. It's a great company, Madd Capp. And these prices start at $8.50. - I am tiger. I'm grabbing that one. - There you go. - Tory Johnson-- - Thank you. - --thank you so much. - That was fun. - Love having you here, my friend. And we partnered with all of these companies on these deals. You can get them on our website, And tomorrow, Tory has even more deals on products for your home and kitchen.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for \"GMA\" viewers on home and kitchen must-haves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"88485365","title":"Deals and Steals on home and kitchen","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-home-kitchen-88485365"}