What’s next for Brian Laundrie investigation

Chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and former FBI agent Mary Ellen O’Toole discuss how the investigation will proceed after possible human remains and articles belonging to Laundrie were discovered.
3:36 | 10/21/21

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Transcript for What’s next for Brian Laundrie investigation
Spain Jews and Palestinians former FBI agent Mary Ellen O'Toole and then. And no confirmation yet but there are lot of indications this is Brian entry right I mean you have to believe that whatever means the a's are. Are almost certainly connected to this case to meet their found right next the notebook and the backpack. And N the FBI tends to be very careful. In what they say in a high profile case like this for them to say a pair human remains means. They are convinced. That these are human remains. And if there are human remains found right there couple miles away from where his car was right in the area where his parents said that he might have been. And his backpack a notebook or there. You don't without going down a conspiracy rabbit holes you have to believe that that. Is the remains of Brian won't have married Mary Ellen how Longley picked I'd be there remained in. Whatever information can he get from those remains. It's going to depend on how in what shape those remains are in and I'm so that could take a number of days. And will personally want to determine if that's in fact Bryant but they also want to determine the manner of death which means is it. Homicide suicide accident all natural undetermined so those at the two prominent pieces of information they want to obtain. Dan. Let's talk about the parents you have pride for more than a month for more than a month authorities are searching coming up empty they decide. To go search and within thirty minutes the discoveries made it. It is bizarre. You know the timeline here it is tough to reconcile because of that. The body is found or do you what appear to be the remains are found in the exact area that the parents had said that Brian laundry could be. There had been previously kicked a cadaver dog. That had been out basically in this area cadaver dogs can detect human remains underwater. One of the arguments here is that this was covered with water and that very well maybe the answered maybe they didn't search in this exact precise area. But it east so coincidental. That the parents say that mobile we decided to go out there because now they up park was open to the public. They go up that morning they say that the police meat and it's interesting if you listen what their lawyer saying. It wasn't that that the parents were there win the police the parents went there the police met them there. But according to their lawyer the police weren't actually win them when they find the remains or the items themselves so. There is no doubt there are still a ton of questions about exactly how this happened when this happened. And why this happened now. And Mariel in that backpack and notebook could provide some of the answers. It could hit it it really is going to depend Mellon the first thing that they're going to do is to determine if if that evidence has been out there for. Basically the same length of time as there remains theoretically that should be the case. But depending on what's in that notebook that that really has to be considered because if Brian and did put information in that notebook. It has to be considered self reported information. Which means it could be very self serving. If he talks about Gabby and what happened so they'll have to review that very carefully and determine the forensic value of it. Mary Allen thank you very much for your inside can thank you as well we'll see where the investigation goes from here. Thank you both.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and former FBI agent Mary Ellen O’Toole discuss how the investigation will proceed after possible human remains and articles belonging to Laundrie were discovered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80702818","title":"What’s next for Brian Laundrie investigation","url":"/GMA/News/video/whats-brian-laundrie-investigation-80702818"}