‘GMA’ visits Atlanta smoothie shop for Black Business Month

Keon Davis, the owner of Smooth N Groove, hopes his location will become a modern-day “Cheers” in his community.
8:50 | 08/17/22

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ visits Atlanta smoothie shop for Black Business Month
- Hi, I am Danielle Mullen Moore from Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery in Chicago. Happy Black Business Month. - We are [INAUDIBLE] tight. - Happy Black Business Month. - Good morning from Houston, Texas. - I'm Kenneth Stephens. - And I'm Carissa Stephens. - The owners of Pur Noire Urban Winery. - Good Morning America. - Wine. - Yes. - I love that. Welcome back to "GMA," August. Yes, you just heard, is Black Business Month and this morning day three of our series "Black Business Boost." - And all week long we've been introducing you to some of the country's amazing Black-owned businesses that are still bouncing back after the pandemic, and still face different sets of hurdles. In fact, according to LendingTree, only 2.3% of businesses in the US are Black-owned, but that number is growing. 2.3%, but it is changing, and this week we have been to Washington DC. We've been to Dallas. And now we're heading to one of my favorite cities, Atlanta, where small business owner Keon Davis is serving up smoothies to his community, bringing folks together there in the sweetest way possible. Keon, you see him, he and his crew standing by live. We cannot wait to chat with them. But first, take a look at his story. [MUSIC PLAYING] In the middle of the Peach State, Smooth N Groove is serving up fruity treats for the Atlanta community. - I love their fresh smoothies. He makes it really family-friendly. So I'm able to bring the kids here too. ROBIN ROBERTS: Their shop on wheels reaching those with limited access to healthy foods. Smoothies named after popular dances. - The Nae Nae, and then the Dougie, and the Cha Cha as well. ROBIN ROBERTS: 36-year-old Keon Davis, started his business by serving smoothies inside a gym. Now it's transformed into what he calls the modern day "Cheers." KEON DAVIS: It's about bringing everybody together as a whole, and then at the end of the day, you get a smoothie while you're here. - His dedication to teach our children to eat healthy, drink healthy, and live healthy. ROBIN ROBERTS: Keon's business hit hard by rising food costs. Extreme shortages of quality fruit often means he goes months without necessary ingredients. KEON DAVIS: The important thing about the inflation for us is that fruit fluctuates so much. Normally I will get a case of mangoes for $17. That same case of mangoes is $45 now. Inflation is going to be inflation. There's nothing that we can do to control it. The only thing that we can do is make adjustments and maneuver the best way possible. ROBIN ROBERTS: The best way to give Keon the ultimate boost, bringing in fellow Atlanta restaurateurs and philanthropists Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes. - We are standing right outside of Smooth N Groove right now, getting ready to surprise Keon for Black Business Month. Let's go. Hello. KEON DAVIS: Hello. - Keon, what's up, brother? - Is the boss here? ROBIN ROBERTS: The newly engaged business titans going behind the counter to make their own blended beverages. Pinky & Derrick recently expanded their popular restaurants and were eager to offer words of wisdom to Keon. - How has business been for you? - It's been good. It's been good. Being able to follow YouTube and to see the dynamic and the impact that y'all make in not only the community, but overall, you know, what I'm saying. Like being able to expand, you got to be able to go through ups and downs, losses, wins. - You got to stay grounded, keep pushing, because it's not easy. PINKY: I want to toast to excellence, to hard work, to failure, because you get to find the aspiration in the losses. To Black Business Month and to telling the narrative that you can do anything that you want to do, and that there is nothing impossible. So cheers to success. - Cheers. - That was good. - That was good and joining us now from Atlanta, Keon Davis, great to see you and the piece with Pinky and Derrick, and we're happy to have you on "GMA" this morning. And now we just saw how you created a modern day Cheers in your communities. So tell us Keon, why is that so important to you as a small business owner? - Listen, it's so important to create that modern day "Cheers," because nowadays it's so easy for people to just make a transaction, right? We wanted to make things more about the experience. You know, you come in, you have a great experience, a great vibe, you get to meet new people, you get to experience new things, and you just get a smoothie while you're here. So to eliminate the just the transaction part of it, I think, is an amazing thing. And you can bring more people together and that's how you build this thing from a community base. And we start from there and then we go worldwide. ROBIN ROBERTS: There you-- oh worldwide. OK, people, all right Mister Worldwide. And we didn't just wake you up early for us this morning. We gave you some homework, my man. We each sent you three words to describe our ideal smoothie. And mine were-- my three words were, refreshing, smooth, and green. So tell us what you came up with. - So listen, I got you the Running Man, right? It's pineapple, spinach, mangoes, and bananas. - Oh. KEON DAVIS: So I had to get you with the spinach and the mangoes because it's refreshing, it's sweet, it's energetic. And with that spinach, I know you're going to love it, and it's going to be green and exciting. So I can't wait for you to try it. ROBIN ROBERTS: I am trying it, I have been trying it all through the break, and it is delicious. REPORTER: It looks it. - I know if I didn't have these heels on, I'd be doing the Running Man. How about you [INAUDIBLE]? How about you? - So Keon, I love that you actually started making these in a gym because my three words were powerful, nutritious, and energizing. What did you come up with? - So look, I got something special for you. So we got the "Baby Got Back," right? - Oh. - [INAUDIBLE] - [INAUDIBLE] do that, man. [LAUGHTER] KEON DAVIS: I got you your pineapples, your mixed berries, your oatmeal, and your bananas. So the reason I did that was I know that you're going to the gym. I know you need the energy. I know you need all of those things. So with the fiber and everything in the oatmeal, with the mixed berries, it's going to give you all the energy you need, and it's going to get you where you need to be. - It's awesome. And I love putting oatmeal in my shakes. Love it. Thank you, my man. - All right, Keon, my three words were energizing, creamy, and tropical. Tell us what you have here? - So look, so the creamy part is easy, right? That's just what we're going to do anyway, right? So I got you the Slow Jam. So it's strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, and peaches, right? So I wanted to make sure you had that tropical feel and get all the peaches, and mangoes, and everything so you can feel like you're at the beach. AMY ROBACH: Yeah, that's what-- it tastes amazing. And I love the color. It's beautiful. ROBIN ROBERTS: Lara, you almost finished yours. I love-- Keon, I love mine. It's so good. My three words really simple, cold, fruity, sweet. What did you make? - So you made-- you made it really easy on me. I thought she was going to make it kind of hard on me being the last one, but I got you the I'm Going Down, right? So it's the strawberries, the blueberries, the raspberries, and the peaches. LARA SPENCER: It's so good. I'm [INAUDIBLE] down. ROBIN ROBERTS: Yes, it is. LARA SPENCER: It's going down real easy. It's delicious, you guys. Keon, these are great. - They really are good. - Hey Keon, we also heard about the fruit shortages that you're facing due to those increased costs, of course. But you say that you won't stop for your community. So tell us about the event that you're working on for Back To School season. - So what we wanted to do, again, I wanted to do something for the community. I know a lot of times when people do Back To School events it's more about book bags, supplies, and things like that which are great. But I thought that what I do, you know, I wanted to make a different type of impact. So what I wanted to do was do something a little different to kind of help kids and everybody to come back to school and feel good, right? So instead of doing book bags and supplies, I wanted to give them smoothies, I wanted to give them something that can really make their school year-- start their school year a little bit more special, to kind of give them that energy they need going forward. ROBIN ROBERTS: That's so important, you know, how you want to help folks and the young ones. And we weren't the only ones that noticed what you're doing. Our friends, yes, our dear, dear friends at Wells Fargo heard about your story, Keon. They were inspired by what you're doing. And they are giving you, the check should be there, $20,000 from Wells Fargo. $20,000. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] So you can take Smooth N Groove to the next level. I want to make it worldwide. So how is this going to help you, Keon? - Worldwide. We've got to come to New York, next, right? ROBIN ROBERTS: All right. How's this going to help? - Thank you guys so much. Oh, it's going to be great. It's going to be great. It's going to help us out a lot, especially with the food shortages. And it'll give us an opportunity to really do some marketing and scale the business the way that we're looking to. And maybe looking real soon we can come to New York for you guys. ROBIN ROBERTS: Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. LARA SPENCER: I love that. - He's working it. I love that. That's why you got-- he's working. I love that and you should. Hey, Keon, thank you so very, very much what you're doing there in Atlanta, with everyone. And yes, shop local folks, whether it's Atlanta, we've been to Dallas, we've been to DC, wherever you are, shop local, because there's some great, great businesses out there.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"Keon Davis, the owner of Smooth N Groove, hopes his location will become a modern-day “Cheers” in his community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"88485364","title":"‘GMA’ visits Atlanta smoothie shop for Black Business Month","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gma-visits-atlanta-smoothie-shop-black-business-month-88485364"}