Sheryl Underwood stands up for wellness

Actress Sheryl Underwood talks comedy, career and her health journey.
3:54 | 08/16/22

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Transcript for Sheryl Underwood stands up for wellness
- Sheryl Underwood has been a driving force on the comedy scene for many years, from getting her start in Comedy Search to hosting The Talk, solidifying her place in a typically male-dominated world. Our GMA3 contributor Alicia Quarles has more on her story. - That's right. So thanks to our sponsor Metamucil, I recently sat down with Sheryl Underwood to talk all things comedy as well as her journey to reclaiming her health. Take a look. In doing our research, our team-- and I'm going to read this verbatim-- found this article-- and we love the title. "Sheryl Underwood stood out because she rejected industry expectations. Now she's on The Talk." SHERYL UNDERWOOD: Yes. - What expectations did you reject? Because I love a woman who does it her own way. - I wanted to show people that I was as smart and funny as any man and that I could evolve to something. So here I am on Def Comedy Jam, the rawest comedy you can do. I'm this little bitty thing holding my own with the fellas. One of my proudest moments of Def Comedy Jam the 25th anniversary, to hear Chris Rock say of the two people he would not want to follow is Bernie Mac and Sheryl Underwood. For women, I think we changed the game of being our sexual selves and the visual aesthetics of comedy, but also, we wanted the power of being able to hold that microphone. - So let's go back really quickly to your buddy Chris Rock. Obviously, that slap that we all saw, Will Smith recently apologized. And then, for you, you said for a while you didn't want to get on stage, or maybe you-- I don't know. You said that-- - It was a concern. - A concern. - It was a concern. Look what happened to Craig Robinson's show. And look what happened to Dave Chappelle's show. Comedy is not a place where you see restriction because we want the audience, especially when you come into the comedy club, we want you to eat, drink, and be merry, right? So we don't want to restrict. It used to be, you have a disagreement, you would have a heckler, and it would stop there. Now it's not stopping, and that's my only concern, is that society has changed in a way where people think it's OK to do that. - We talked about some of the men that have shepherded you, and vice versa, in your career. Who are the women that have guided you, and why has it been so important for you to pay it forward? - I will tell you this-- when I did The View and Whoopi Goldberg pulls me into a room and it was just the two of us in the room and she said, That's how you do political humor. And you just-- you don't think people see you, and they do. And somebody like her who we all looked up to, when somebody sees you and say you're doing good at your craft, it makes you want to pull another sister up. - So many of us in the pandemic, we were just in survival mode. And then my health kind of fell by the wayside, which is not good. But you did the opposite. You really focused on your health. What was the impetus for that? - I wanted to feel more energetic. And I could see, even on camera, it was just something was happening and I didn't have that-- I didn't have that spark, you know, that Sheryl Underwood swag, you know? And then checking off the boxes and trying to figure out, OK, what could be the issue, what could be the issue? And it kept coming back to my digestion. And that's why Metamucil was the product for me. You start with the Two-Week Challenge. You add Metamucil to your daily routine for at least 14 days. And also, you get reminders, you get recipes, and you get tips. - So we know that fiber is important to your gut health, but how has it helped with your overall health? Because this started as a health journey overall. - Yes. It's maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, also cholesterol, also appetite. At this age in my life, you know, I like that I have the means and the opportunity to help other people. You can see it in me now. - That was one of my favorite interviews as of recent, so thank you so much to Sheryl. And for you guys at home, if you want help feeling lighter and more energetic by supporting your digestive health like Sheryl, you can sign up for the Two-Week Challenge on the Metamucil website. Amy, back to you. - Yeah, Sheryl is very impressive. Thank you for bringing that to us, Alicia.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Actress Sheryl Underwood talks comedy, career and her health journey. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"88443832","title":"Sheryl Underwood stands up for wellness","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/sheryl-underwood-stands-wellness-88443832"}