Zachary Levi, Kurt Warner on how they connected for ‘American Underdog’

Levi plays Warner, an NFL Hall of Famer, in the new movie about his life.
5:50 | 12/08/21

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Transcript for Zachary Levi, Kurt Warner on how they connected for ‘American Underdog’
[MUSIC - JOSH RITTER, "CHANGE OF TIME"] - It was a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you. - Thank you for believing in me, Coach. - Well done. - Thank you. Brenda! (SIGNING) Time, love. - Hey, baby. Hey. [MUSIC PLAYING] It's only a change of time. - Hey, I don't know where we go from here. I don't know what comes next. But this, we did this. We did this together. I love you. - I love you too. We did it. [MUSIC PLAYING] The black clouds are-- - I love that moment. - Oh. - A clip from the new movie American Underdog. It's based on the life of NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Kurt is here, along with Zachary Levi, who plays him in the movie. Welcome, guys. - Thank you. Good to be here. - Thank you. Good to be here. - Good morning. - Well-- [INTERPOSING VOICES] MAN 1: You just-- ZACHARY LEVI: That why I got the job, guys. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MAN 1: You just answered my first question. - Wow. - You said that in exact syncopation. [LAUGHTER] So I guess you got to know each other pretty well. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] - We actually did. - Yeah. You know, Zach came-- once he signed on to be part of the movie, came to the house for a few days right off the bat. And it was nice to get to know him and see what he's all about, you know. You wonder-- I mean, obviously, you can see the likeness. So that's-- MAN 1: Did you pick him? - That I-- I didn't have anything to do with the casting. [LAUGHTER] So I'm not taking any credit. - He wanted Brad Pitt. He-- all those choices were like, I feel like I'm more of a DiCaprio guy. [LAUGHTER] You know? - We did-- we did get a-- - Throw that in there a little bit. - No, we did get a couple of days, which were great. And I got to meet him, and Brenda, and-- and almost all of the kids. They were all there. They happened to be there. And then he and Brenda were on set, I mean, about 1/2 the time we were making that movie and-- which is-- which is a little intimidating in some ways. But in other ways, we had this-- me and Anna, who plays Brenda so brilliantly, we had this incredible resource. We could go to them and be like, hey, what were you thinking or feeling in this moment? Or what was some mannerism, like, when you were on the field and stuff? It was great. KURT WARNER: So I saw that he looked like me. But it was like, let's go in the backyard and throw the football, because we get-- we've got to get that right. We've got to get that right. - And-- and we're going to talk about that in just a minute. - Oh, yeah. - Because we know you can act. - I've no doubt. - But you both have been on "Good Morning America" before. - Yeah. - You remember your first time? It was after the Super Bowl. And if-- if you don't, we're going to remind you, because Charlie Gibson had this to say about you right after your Super Bowl win. ZACHARY LEVI: Oh, Charlie. - Kurt, we-- we were talking on this broadcast, Boomer and-- and Al were talking about it on the show, if you gave your story to a Hollywood studio, they wouldn't produce it because nobody would believe it. [LAUGHTER] ROBIN ROBERTS: And here you are. ZACHARY LEVI: Wow. - And here-- and here we are. I mean, amazing, because that's, you know, kind of, when people started talking about it, obviously, when you win the Super Bowl and-- and in moments like that. And you know, you're like, oh, it's-- you know, that-- that's nice. But I-- I've got a career to play. And so it's pretty incredible that you get to this point. It's humbling. And you're honored that people believe your story can-- can impact people. And we're believing that we made a movie that-- that can do just that. ZACHARY LEVI: Amen. - How much did you know about his story and some of those details? And what did you find most incredible about it? Because we know about you on the field, and the MVPs, and the Super Bowl. But man, when people watch this movie and see some of those details, it's unbelievable you're sitting here. - Yeah, I mean, I knew-- I knew what everybody else knew. I was-- I was, you know, a slightly younger version of myself when he was a slightly younger version of himself when-- when it was all happening in real-time. And it was insane. I mean, it was-- you know, it really was. Like-- like Charlie was saying, you can't script it. I mean, obviously, we did. And we made a movie about it. [LAUGHTER] But-- but it was so unbelievable to watch this guy who came out of nowhere as this, you know, you know, rookie that was 20-- how old were you when you got into the league? - 27. Yeah. - 27. - You know, and-- and that's very, you know, different already. But the fact that, you know, the bullet points of, like, he was stocking shelves not too long before that and an arena football player. And all of that stuff was just very Cinderella story, that, you know, to take your team all the way to the Super Bowl, to win it, to-- to win MVP of the Super Bowl, to win MVP of the league, and be paying-- being paid league minimum. Like, all of that stuff was just a-- a really cool thing. But I would say that a lot-- like, most of-- like, the story-- the-- the movie is 25% football. It's 75% family, and relationship, and love, and-- and struggle, and scraping change out of your car doors to put gas in your tank. I mean, that's the stuff that I think a lot of people don't know and the amazing journey that he, and Brenda, and the kids went on. And I-- I think that that's the stuff that I found to be most compelling and the stuff that is most relatable, I think, to all kinds. KURT WARNER: Yeah, we like to think that it's real life. I mean, so much of what we went through, my wife has an incredible underdog story as well. And so that was the movie, is like, we want to be able to connect with every-- you know, so many people have their supermarket moment. I know it's rare to go from supermarket to Super Bowl. But so many people have that moment. And that's where we believe this movie can really connect with people. - I have to ask you about the 25%. Is it true you never played football before? [LAUGHTER] KURT WARNER: You're asking me? - It was so-- no, no, no. Well, I am you. So anyway. [LAUGHTER] No, listen, I-- I played, like, two-hand touch and flag football growing up, I played baseball. I played basketball. I played volleyball. I played-- I played various things. But I never played organized football before. So, you know, learning how to throw a spiral at 40 is not ideal. A lot of repetitions. I got a little tendinitis in the right shoulder. But fortunately, I-- you know, look, I threw some dimes. I threw some real good-- ROBIN ROBERTS: Whoa. - I threw some really good-- ROBIN ROBERTS: Wait. Let's ask the Hall of Famer. Is that true? Is that true? Kurt Warner, can you-- - There might have been a couple dimes. ZACHARY LEVI: A couple dimes. [LAUGHTER] KURT WARNER: At least couple. - I mean, at least $0.20 cents worth of dimes, guys. [LAUGHTER] And-- and I had-- we had incredible other football players around us, surrounding us, had great doubles. I mean, look, it all worked out. I think-- I think the football stuff of the movie is really good, quite-- quite good, yeah. KURT WARNER: I-- I do too. And, you know, that was the one thing you worry about. Because you take someone that hasn't played football. And you go, OK, you've got to look like a Pro Football Hall of Famer after three, four months of throwing a football. But he pulled it off. He did a great job. And everybody involved-- ZACHARY LEVI: Hey. - --the football stuff-- [LAUGHTER] Because you don't-- you don't want to lose people with that, right? MAN 2: No, you don't. KURT WARNER: If you can take them to a movie, and they're thinking it's about football, and the football stuff doesn't look real, you'll lose them for the rest of the movie. So he pulled it off. And we could still do a little bit more work. But-- - Yeah-- yeah, for the sequel. It takes place in Phoenix. KURT WARNER: But the football stuff was really, really good. - Yeah. [LAUGHTER] - So much fun to have you guys here. Thank you. KURT WARNER: Oh, well, thanks for having us. ZACHARY LEVI: Thank you very much, yeah. - I appreciate it. - American Underdog is in theaters on Christmas day.

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