Shaggy performs 'Amazing Christmas' on 'GMA'

The song appears on the deluxe version of the superstar's holiday album, "Christmas in the Islands."
4:25 | 12/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shaggy performs 'Amazing Christmas' on 'GMA'
- Oh, yeah. We're back now on GMA. Shaggy, he has sold over 40 million albums and he has a deluxe version of his Christmas album, Christmas In The Islands, man. It is out now, and we cannot wait to hear some music. But first, let us chat with our friend, Shaggy. We-- we were enjoying-- - How are you? - --TJ and I, in the commercial break getting all caught up with you, but tell folks about this special here that you have because it came about because of a Disney performance with Sting. - Yeah, Sting and I were doing the Disney performances and a couple of Christmas carols, and we did them in reggae. And he says, you know what? We should do the album like this. You know what I mean? And-- and I got the idea from that point. I said, let's do it. But you know, when you see Christmas in Jamaica, it's a little bit different. There's no snow. There's no Santa coming down the chimney. It's-- it's-- it's rum. It's-- it's surreal. It's friends. It's family. It's food. And it's reggae dancehall, and so I did a reggae dancehall album. And just brought some of the best friends on and made it great. - We want to hear it. We want to hear the performance. But before you go, you have any family traditions you can tell us about quickly for the holidays? - I like being-- you know, we open presents in my house with the family, but we always have, like a brunch, like you know, there's so many breakfasts. Like, Jamaicans have a lot of breakfasts. There's Arkansas fish. There's all of these Jamaican things. There's dumplings. You do all of that. So we do a brunch of all the different types of breakfast with you know, of course, you got your eggnog and your hot chocolate all that stuff to make you vibe with the family. So that's always a big tradition for me. - With the Jamaican vibe, you got us-- our mouths watering. - Full on Jamaican every time. - Yes. Yes, Shaggy. Oh thank you so much. Always a pleasure to have you here. And what, wait, there's more. Here he is with Amazing Christmas featuring Hannah Brier. [MUSIC - SHAGGY FEAT. HANNAH BRIER, "AMAZING CHRISTMAS"] SHAGGY: (SINGING) Time to kick back. Sit around a tree with the gift wrap. Pour a cup or glass and we sip that. Doesn't this feel like Christmas? It's Hannah Brier. HANNAH BRIER: Christmas time is here I feel like escaping. SHAGGY: Shaggy. Oh, yeah. HANNAH BRIER: Come on, baby. Take me on a vacation. SHAGGY: Vacation. HANNAH BRIER: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. SHAGGY: Oh. HANNAH BRIER: You and me on a plane flying over the Caymans. SHAGGY: A little island hopping. You know that. What. HANNAH BRIER: We should be spending this December sunbathing. SHAGGY: Laid out. One time. HANNAH BRIER: Palm trees, mistletoe. Sun kissed skin from head to toe. Plantains overload. Cheers to life let's make a toast to Christmas time with you. Let's make it amazing. SHAGGY: Yeah. Uh. Such a brilliant decision. You and I spending Christmas ina di Caribbean. Eggnog, [INAUDIBLE] Reggae music I play. Love the vibe that we're building on. You a dance to the rhythm and me a move when you move. Oh, my. What a feeling. I'm thinking we should get it on. You're the gift that I'm ready to unwrap before the morning. HANNAH BRIER: Take me to the ocean while the sun's fading. SHAGGY: Oh you mean. You bang bang. HANNAH BRIER: I love the way this drum has got my hips swaying. SHAGGY: Oh you mean an bob I do bang ba dang bang boom. HANNAH BRIER: Hoping that tonight my words don't betray me. SHAGGY: Right. So HANNAH BRIER: Let's keep going until we see the dawn breaking, the dawn breaking. No. Palm trees, mistletoe. Sun kissed skin from head to toe. Plantains overload. Cheers to life, let's make a toast. SHAGGY: Yeah, yeah. HANNAH BRIER: Christmas time with you, let's make it amazing. SHAGGY: Yo Yo Yo Jeremy bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom buddy got this at Christmas time once again. And this a GMA yeah, again. Yo Oh it's on a ride, Shaggy. Yeah, yeah.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The song appears on the deluxe version of the superstar's holiday album, \"Christmas in the Islands.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81619517","title":"Shaggy performs 'Amazing Christmas' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shaggy-performs-amazing-christmas-gma-81619517"}