'Scream' turns 25 as new sequel hits big screen

Sharon Carpenter, host of the "Loose Lips" podcast, talks new blockbusters and revivals to binge this weekend.
3:08 | 01/15/22

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Transcript for 'Scream' turns 25 as new sequel hits big screen
- The weather is cold, but the entertainment is hot. And It is time for-- [AIRHORN] Duh, duh,duh,duh duh-- Binge This. Sharon Carpenter here to break it all down. She's the host of the Loose Lips podcast. Thanks so much for being with us, Sharon. - Guys. It's great to be here. - Yeah. OK, so Scream just turned 25, which is almost unbelievable. Now, a new sequel is hitting the big screen. Give us all the details. - Absolutely. So things are about to get gory. Ghostface is back in a brand spanking new Scream. And this one, as you mentioned, is set 25 years after the events of the original by the late Wes Craven. This is the fifth installment, and this is by no means your grandmother's slasher right here. There is a new killer behind the mask, and he is more tech savvy than even Mark Zuckerberg. He is a whiz when it comes to using home high-tech devices and phone cloning software in order to carry out his heinous plans. Now some of our old faves are back. Neve Campbell back for more carnage, looking exactly how she did 25 years ago. Courteney Cox, as well, reuniting with her former husband, her ex, David Arquette. And these legends are teaming up with a new generation, a bunch of newbies, to try to figure out, well, who is this mystery killer. Lots of twists and turns, of course, to keep us guessing. Lots of sly humor, too. But the big question is, can these Gen Z'ers figure out what it takes to survive a horror flick? Or is it going to be curtains for them? Only one way to find out because I'm not going to tell you. This movie is in theaters now. - I know a lot of people want to see it. Let's talk about these two Oscar winners taking on the bard, good old Shakespeare. What can you tell us about it? - Absolutely. Well, first of all, if Denzel is in it, I am there. I'm sure you are, as well. Do not miss out on the tragedy of, dare I say it, Macbeth. There you go. It is streaming right now on Apple Plus. It's also in movie theaters. And this is a very modern, very stylish take on the murderous Scottish play. It's absolutely fantastic. Beautiful. Look at the cinematography right there, black and white. You have Denzel, who of course, is a veteran Shakespearean actor who kills it in the role of Macbeth, as he descends into murder, mayhem, and madness, as well. A ton of Oscar buzz around Mr Washington's performance. Will he take away his third Oscar in 2022? And then speaking of Oscars, last year's Best Actress winner, Frances McDormand, she is playing the role of Lady Macbeth, who, of course, is a very ambitious woman. Gets her husband into all sorts of trouble, as any good wife should. I would say, no spoilers here, but it's hard to spoil one of the most famous plays in history. We all know how this ends, but we have never seen Macbeth quite as cool as this. - We're very much looking for it. Eva was quizzing us on our Shakespeare before we came on. It did not go well. It was a bit embarrassing. We'll catch up in the film.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Sharon Carpenter, host of the \"Loose Lips\" podcast, talks new blockbusters and revivals to binge this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"82283064","title":"'Scream' turns 25 as new sequel hits big screen","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/scream-turns-25-sequel-hits-big-screen-82283064"}