Jenny Jackson talks new book, 'Pineapple Street'

The "GMA" Book Club pick for March about three sisters, family secrets and romantic disasters became an instant New York Times bestseller.
4:02 | 03/23/23

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Transcript for Jenny Jackson talks new book, 'Pineapple Street'
- Now with our GMA Book Club pick for March. Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson is an instant, instant New York Times bestseller. Deborah Roberts sat down with her to talk about it. I can't wait. I'm looking to read. - It's a fun book, Robin. It is definitely a fun book. Imagine spending your career working with dozens of authors behind the scenes and helping them find success and then writing your own book and hitting the jackpot. That's what happened with Jenny Jackson with her new book, which takes a critical look at family, privilege, and inequality. In the shadow of downtown Manhattan sits a neighborhood with spectacular views, staggering wealth, and stories ripe for the telling. This is the scene of the book. Pineapple Street is right down here. Here along Brooklyn's cobblestone streets named after fruit, Jenny Jackson serves up a luscious story in Pineapple Street. What drew you to set this book there? - We've written and read a lot about Manhattan and the wealthy of Manhattan. In Brooklyn, it's different. There's so much history in this neighborhood and so much old money in Brooklyn Heights. DEBORAH ROBERTS: The editor behind nearly three dozen New York Times best sellers, it's no surprise that Jenny now has one of her own. How would you sum up this book with just two or three words? - Women, money, marriage. I wanted to write about a family story, where people genuinely love each other, but they don't see things the same way, and they have to come around and examine some of their long held notions. DEBORAH ROBERTS: The complex tale of the uber wealthy Stockton clan is told through the voices of three women, Darley, a successful businesswoman turned stay-at-home mom, Georgiana, the millennial baby sister grappling with who she wants to be, and Sasha, the middle class sister-in-law trying to fit in. Let's talk about a quote in the beginning of the novel from a New York Times report that says, "Millennials will be the recipients of the largest generational shift of assets in American history, the great wealth transfer, as finance types call it. Is that what your inspiration began, looking at all of this wealth? - I read this article, and I was inspired. It's about these millennial heirs who feel that this great inheritance is at conflict with their moral values. They feel that it is absolutely inappropriate for a 25-year-old to be inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars. So these young people are setting out to try and divest themselves of their inheritance. And I thought, oh my gosh, that is a novel, a young woman who has a moral reckoning and wants to give away her fortune. DEBORAH ROBERTS: Filled with quips about America's one percenters, the family dramedy jumps off the page and is already set to hit the small screen. What can you tell us? - A Hollywood star has signed on to play Sasha. I found that fascinating. - You've already got somebody. - We have somebody. And it was interesting to me to see which of the three women would go first. Who would be the most desirable character? So Sasha. - Any dream casting? Anybody you would love to see play one of these roles? - I mean, don't we always just want Meryl Streep for everything? Like, come on Meryl. DEBORAH ROBERTS: Her story, likely to captivate viewers as much as readers, at its core is about family determined to hold together despite their secrets and struggles. - I think that even if people don't identify with these characters, they will understand that these are people in a strange position, trying to figure out how to be good. - Very good point. Jenny is not quitting her day job. She's still an editor, but also in the process of writing her next book, which she says is going to be set in small town Massachusetts, where she grew up. So while we wait for that, we'll just read Pineapple Street, Robin. And read along with us, of course, on our GMA Instagram, such a fun book. - Good for her. Who knew? - And I know, and Amanda McMaster, what a great story, right? - It is. ROBIN ROBERTS: All right, good having you here. Thanks, Deb.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The \"GMA\" Book Club pick for March about three sisters, family secrets and romantic disasters became an instant New York Times bestseller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98066364","title":"Jenny Jackson talks new book, 'Pineapple Street'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jenny-jackson-talks-new-book-pineapple-street-98066364"}