TikTok influencer Axel Webber on Juilliard audition: ‘Grateful for the opportunity’

ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos speaks with TikTok sensation Axel Webber about not giving up on his acting dream, and how his 98-square-foot apartment in New York City went viral.
5:42 | 01/15/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok influencer Axel Webber on Juilliard audition: ‘Grateful for the opportunity’
- To our weekly segment "Tik Talk," where we interview some of our favorite TikTokers taking a closer look at the story behind the sensation. Well, our guest this week has made a name for himself with his big dreams and small apartment, chronicling his move from Cumming, Georgia to New York City to pursue acting with his 2 million TikTok followers. Axel Webber, thank you so much for joining us tonight. - Thank you for having me. - And you're in your apartment, aren't you? - I'm right here. This is the whole space. You pretty much get with one shot the entire view. - Very nice. Well, you have certainly had an eventful week after sharing with your followers your unfortunate rejection from a performing arts school that shall remain nameless. The internet has rallied around you with celebrities like Charlie Puth sharing their own experiences with rejection. Let's take a listen. - I didn't get into five of these prestigious schools that I wanted to get into that I thought could better my career. - Don't believe it. - And while I do think school is great and I did end up going to Berklee-- - OK. - --a prestigious conservatory for the arts-- - Congrats. - --is not going to be the thing that defines your career as an actor. - Ooh. - All right, Axel. So break it down for us. What has this past week been like for you? - It's been a bit of a whirlwind. And I didn't expect the response. But it's been an overwhelming amount of support. And I find myself feeling extremely grateful, first of all, for having the opportunity to even audition for Juilliard, and second of all, being able to post it, and then receiving things and encouraging thoughts from everyone, especially things like from Charlie Puth, who mentioned that he got rejected from schools that he really wanted to go to. And he told me that you don't need it. You don't need a prestigious degree to pursue the career that you want. You just need consistency and persistence. And that to me has been a lesson in what you want is there as long as you're willing to work for it. - That is certainly some good advice. And the cat's out of the bag. We all know now where you were trying to go. It's all good. For our viewers who may not know, in one of your videos you say that the reason you botched your audition is because you did a British accent. So you said you can't do accents. So I have to ask, what made you audition with a British accent? - I think it's probably because I was watching Peaky Blinders the night before. And I don't know if it's so much British as it is Birmingham, you know? Where Thomas Shelby is like, "We're the Peaky Blinders." And I guess that was swimming around in my head. And I know that was certainly not the only reason that I didn't get accepted to the school. I could have prepped more. I could have been more prepared. There's a lot of things I could have done. And the school on their part, they just have to make a decision whether or not they want to admit someone to their class. It does hurt a little bit knowing that I could have studied at a school that held the likes of Adam Driver and Viola Davis. But I just know that there's other things in store for me now, and I'm even more excited for that. - And you just did that British accent there. It's not too bad. It's not shabby at all. So break down for us-- - Thank you very much. - Yeah. Break down for us the audition. Did you have to submit a monologue? What did you have to do exactly? Aside from adding that British accent, what did you have to do exactly for Juilliard to take a look at you? - Deleting the accent, actually, might have been helpful. But in order to prepare for the audition, I had to do two pieces. One was Shakespeare. One was contemporary. It's a little convoluted. The Shakespeare is a lot of big words, like beguile. I had to try and figure out what exactly that means. So it was just prepping two pieces, and then getting on a Zoom call. I thought it was going to be in person. It was over Zoom. So I had to sit down when I did it. But I was just grateful for the opportunity to audition. The fact that there's tons of people all around the world who want to pursue a career in the arts, and they don't get the chance. So I was grateful to audition. I didn't get accepted, but now I'm ready to move on to things that I know are going to be bigger and better. INTERVIEWER: You've captured the hearts of the internet with your new apartment as well. We could see a little bit of it there in your shot. You've shown in all these videos that it's possible within what's called the tiniest apartment to live in New York City. So I'm curious. How did you find the apartment? - I found the apartment on Facebook Marketplace. It was great for me. I could just literally select a location with a big circle, and it'd show me where I wanted to be. Before this, I was living in a car. So this is a massive upgrade. I mean, I couldn't even extend my legs to sleep in the back seat of my Volvo. Now I've got a queen bed. I've got a twin mattress. I can change beds if I want. This apartment is perfect for me-- a little small, a little cozy. But I can reach everything. I can grab a drink out of my fridge at night, and then I can hop right back in bed. It makes me smile just thinking about it. So this is an upgrade. I can only imagine what's next. - Exactly. You have a roof over your head, and that is what matters. - Four walls. - What is your absolute favorite thing about your cozy apartment? - Well, actually, one of my favorite things, other than the fact that I can keep my ham cold, because I used to put it in the back seat of my car, and it'd just get warm in the morning, and I'd be eating warm, slimy ham, I'd say the best thing I have here are these Christmas lights. My mother sent me a pack, and I've kind of thrown them all around the place. And it offers a nice, warm, homey feel, because Christmas feels like home. INTERVIEWER: That's awesome. You're making it work, and that is what matters. Well, Axel, thank you so much for your time. We wish you all the best in your career. You've got a long road ahead, but you can do this. - Thank you. - Persistence is key. Trust me. - Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos speaks with TikTok sensation Axel Webber about not giving up on his acting dream, and how his 98-square-foot apartment in New York City went viral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"82278611","title":"TikTok influencer Axel Webber on Juilliard audition: ‘Grateful for the opportunity’","url":"/Entertainment/video/tiktok-influencer-axel-webber-juilliard-audition-grateful-opportunity-82278611"}