Grammy winning rapper Future brings STEM lab to Atlanta students

Grammy award-winning rapper Future’s foundation has opened an Atlanta STEM lab which is bringing math education to the city and one student is excited to learn.
6:06 | 06/01/23

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Transcript for Grammy winning rapper Future brings STEM lab to Atlanta students
[MUSIC PLAYING] - All right. Thanks for streaming with us. Today we are seeking sunshine with a STEM lab or STEAM lab in Atlanta hoping to close the educational achievement gap of students in under-served communities, and it's all thanks to Future and his Free Wishes Foundation. TERRY MORAN: The I Am a Dreamer STEAM Lab opened last week at a school in the Kirkwood area of Atlanta where the Grammy winning rapper grew up, and some kids are already benefiting from all that it has to offer. KYRA PHILLIPS: For more, let's bring in Free Wishes co-founders, Future's mom, Stephanie Jester. Also, his sister, Tia Wilburn, along with Carvina Phillips and her son, Christian, who is in the program. Thank you all for being here. Aw, and Christian's waving. Hey, buddy! [LAUGHTER] So glad to have all of you. Stephanie, mom, let's start with you. Just tell us about Free Wishes, this foundation, and your son's passion to give back to your community-- the community he grew up in. - Yes. Free Wishes Foundation was birthed about 13 years ago with my son and my daughter, Tialum. I always believe that we're blessed to be a blessing, and just when his career started on a rise, we decided to start giving back to the Kirkwood community. Why not give back where you grew up at? KYRA PHILLIPS: Amen. - And so since 13 years ago, we did several activations, and now we just launched this major program-- this major lap in the Bessie Branham Park at Kirkwood. So Free Wishes is always trying to find opportunities to empower the youth and to give back through the Atlanta metro area. - I love that. I love that. And so I've been told, Tia, that I Am a Dreamer-- it just isn't your typical STEM lab focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math-- S-T-E-M, STEM. But here, students are getting a chance to learn about the arts, too-- makes sense, given Future. So it goes from STEM to STEAM with the A from the arts. Why was it so important to include art? TIA WILBURN: Yes, well a program that incorporates the arts into the curriculum has been proven to increase creativity. Additionally, by Future being an artist, it's important that we introduce students to this-- to career paths that lands up under the arts. So we want to be sure that kids get that exposure to the arts, and it's just-- it's really important. So that's why we made sure to include it. KYRA PHILLIPS: Well, Carvina, your son-- and Christian, we're going to talk to you in a minute, but your son will be in this program soon, which is an extension of the foundation's educational initiative. What does the opening of this lab mean for you, his education, and that of the students in your entire community? CARVINA PHILLIPS: It means a lot. It means so much for our community. I grew up in the Kirkwood area. We didn't have these types of programs to stimulate these kids, to teach them things outside of what you generally learn in the classroom. Career paths that they didn't think that they had-- resources that they have now-- the technology to learn to further their careers in many different areas that they didn't even know that they could. TERRY MORAN: So Christian, what do you think? Are you excited to be part of the program? - For this program, I am excited for the entrepreneurship part, robotics, and gaming. I'm excited about the gaming part. TERRY MORAN: I'll bet. KYRA PHILLIPS: Have you thought about what you want-- - What did you say? - Have you thought about what you want to do? How this could maybe launch a career in something? Tell us what your dreams are. - My dream is to be an actor, and I feel like this program will help out to pursue my dream. TIA WILBURN: OK. What kind of actor? - An actor to be in movies. KYRA PHILLIPS: OK. TERRY MORAN: Big star. - Yeah, I could see it-- I could see some STEM being incorporated in the whole creative part. Do you love art, Christian? - I do love art. - Can't wait to see-- - I like being in the art club in school. KYRA PHILLIPS: Yes? OK. Stephanie, your foundation actually partnered with another foundation, right, to make this happen. Tell us about how you and K2 came together to make this a reality. - Well actually, Tia is the one that really spearheaded this project, and so I'll let her get more into the details about the relationship with 2K foundation. KYRA PHILLIPS: OK. Take it away, Tia. - Yes, so what happened was I was introduced to 2K Foundations. I pitched the ideas to them of the STEM lab because they had not done anything in the Atlanta area yet. So when I pitched the idea to them, I sent over a proposal. They were all in and they were hands on throughout this entire process. It was a great and wonderful partnership that-- this won't be the last time that we do something together. It's a long-standing relationship that we built with 2K Foundation, so we were very appreciative of that partnership. - Well, it's amazing. You got the sports, the STEM, the arts. You have everything. - It's great. - Yeah, it'll be incredible for the community. I used to live there, and it's great to see this all going forward. Stephanie, Tia, Carvina, Christian-- thank you all so much. - Thanks. Good luck. - Thank you. - Thank you so much for having us. - You're welcome. - All right, and we'll follow up for sure. Thanks for streaming with us. I'm Kyra Phillips. - And I'm Terry Moran. ABC News Live is here for you at any time with the latest news, context, and analysis. - We'll be right back. More news on the other side. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Grammy award-winning rapper Future’s foundation has opened an Atlanta STEM lab which is bringing math education to the city and one student is excited to learn.","mediaType":"hulu","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"99768787","title":"Grammy winning rapper Future brings STEM lab to Atlanta students ","url":"/Entertainment/video/grammy-winning-rapper-future-brings-stem-lab-atlanta-99768787"}